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What is Para-Equestrian?


In 2006 the FEI, in agreement with the International Paralympic Committee, added Equestrian competition for Riders with a Disability.  Now known as Para-Equestrian, it is the 8th Discipline of the FEI.

Para Equestrian under national rules in Australia now comes under the banner of Dressage, and has it's own chapter in the National Sport Rules for Dressage, Section 13.

National Para Equestrian Dressage Tests (EA PE Tests) have been developed for use at PE and Dressage competitions from 2013.


FEI PE Dressage and EA Para Dressage Tests 2013

Five grades of competition are offered.  Each grade reflects the rider’s physical ability:

Grade Ia - Walk only tests, and in Freestyle Tests may show lateral work.

Grade Ib - Walk and trot tests, and in Freestyle Tests may show lateral work.

Grade II - Walk and trot tests, and in Freestyle Tests may show canter and lateral work in walk and trot.

Grade III - Walk, trot and canter tests and in Freestyle Tests may show lateral work and single flying changes.

Grade IV - Walk, trot, canter and lateral work, and in Freestyle Tests may show canter half-pirourettes and 3 and 4 time flying changes.

Major events involve a Team test, Championship Test and Freestyle for all grades, these are scheduled over 3 days. There is now one Novice test for each grade that could be used in smaller competitions.

All FEI Para-Equestrian Tests can be accessed from the FEI website.

All EA Para Equestrian Dressage Tests can be found HERE.


FEI PE Dressage and EA Para Dressage Arenas

Grades Ia, Ib and II  competitions are held in a 40 x 20 metre arena.  

Grade III competitions are held in a 60 x 20 metre arena or 40 x 20 metre arena

Grade IV competitions are held in a 60 x 20 metre arena.


FEI PE Dressage Rules

The FEI Para-Equestrian Rules may be found HERE.


EA Para Dressage Rules

Please refer to Section 13 of the National Dressage Rules which can be found HERE.




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