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Pony Dressage - Important Measuring Update

EA National Office, Friday, 27 June 2008

Ponies wishing to compete in Official Pony Dressage no longer require a height certificate to enter competition.

To encourage young riders and to help promote Pony Dressage, the rules surrounding measurement of ponies have been relaxed.

From the 1 January 2008 rulebook the following amendments to 1.12.3 have been made.

1.12.3 Ponies

Ponies entered for Official pony competition must comply with the regulations for horses in rule 1.12.2 above with the following exceptions and additions:
  • Ponies must NOT exceed 149cm with shoes or 148cm without shoes Ponies
  • the estimated height of the pony is to be included on entry forms

The following points have been removed:

  • Pony Dressage Performance Cards will not be issued without proof of current EA measurment.
  • a competing pony must have a current EFA Measurement. Measurement must be obtained annually until the pony reaches 8 years of age. No further measurement of a pony 8 years and older is required providing that the Measurement record shows at least two official measurements within the previous two years showing the pony’s height stable
  • a pony 8 years of age or older that is being registered for the first time, must be measured at least twice in a two year period before no further measurement is required
  • all measuring will be carried out in accordance with the EFA National Measuring Scheme Rules
  • organisers have the right to request proof of measurement.

However, the following points have been added to 1.12.2 Horses:

Where a complaint is lodged with the OC about the height of a horse/pony and a measurement certificate cannot be produced to verify the height

  • the OC may request that the horse/pony be measured within 7 days of the event that gave ride to the complaint 
  • failure by the owner/competitor to produce a measurement certificate within 7 days of the event all results at this event for this horse/pony will become null and void 
  • the OC must report to the SDA if a request for a measurement certificate is not produced in the 7 day time frame  
  •  the SDA will determine what action is necessary and advise the EA accordingly
  • Where a height certificate is produced within the timeframe and the certificate proves a non compliant height for the competition/s entered the OC must advise the SDA    
  • the SDA will determine that a transfer from horse to pony status is required or from pony to horse status and advise the EA accordingly all current grading points will transfer with a change in status
  • a new grading card will be issued

Only current measurement certificates issued by the EA, a Hack Council or an RAS will be accepted

Owners wanting to have their horse or pony measured should contact their EA State Branch Office for details of Measuring Days in their state.

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