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Stallion Safety Guidelines FAQs

Mandy Stephens, Monday, 28 February 2011

There have been many queries about the Stallion Safety Guidelines and disks so we have put together a FAQ to help to answer any questions regarding the stallion packs and their use.


Stallion Guidelines FAQ’s
Q:I am planning on purchasing the Stallion Id Discs. I sometimes take two colts, or a stallion and colt. Would I need to purchase 2 sets of Stallion Discs?
A: They are not being sold separately
Q: Do I have to wear the Stallion discs when I am competing in the competition ring?
A: No, it is possible to remove the discs just prior to entering the competition ring and replacing them as soon as you leave the ring however it is advised that the discs remain on the horse as per the guidelines at all times.
Q: Are the stallion disks compulsory?
A: No, at this stage they are just highly recommended in an effort to improve safety. However, individual clubs may choose to adopt them as rules at their events.
Q:Do these guidelines apply at Agricultural shows, or just at those run directly by EA (eg, HOTY) competitions?
A: The Stallion guidelines are guidelines and not rules. EA encouraged all shows that are running under official EA rules to enforce these guidelines, however the shows and clubs may choose whether or not to implement them as rules at their own events and therefore handle the consequences for non-compliance.  We have recommended their use but do not enforce it.
Q: When was it proposed that EA introduce a Stallion Safe Practices for all equestrian competitions?
A: The issue was discussed at a National Jumping Committee meeting in 2008 as they were concerned at the growing number of imported stallions at shows.
Q: Who was consulted?
A: The guidelines were modelled of existing guidelines that were in use in Victoria. All discipline committees as well as the State Branches of EA were asked to provide feedback and suggestions on the guidelines. This process took at least 6 months.
Q: Why are the discs green?
A: Victoria already had Stallion discs in circulation and they were green. Upon consulting with all of the discipline committees they all agreed that the Victorian discs would be suitable.
Q: Are the Stallion halter discs compulsory as they clash with the bridle numbers, which are compulsory for all dressage horses?
A: You only need to display a disc on each side of the horse and with the packs there are halter, bridle and saddlecloth discs. We have tried to come up with a range of discs that are practical and give options to stallions competing in all equestrian disciplines. Obviously each discipline has its own set of rules regarding gear.  


More information on the stallion safe practise guidleines can be found here

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