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Rachael Sanna


Mary Sanna

Family Name Sanna
Given Name Rachael
Nickname Olive Oil
Discipline Dressage
Date of Birth 17-Dec-72
Gender Female
Height (cm) 177
Weight (kg) 60
Place of Birth Sydney
Status Single
Home State NSW
Hobbies Socialising with friends, Movies, Relaxing
Employment Rider
Current Horse Yardley Aphrodite
Horses Details 1989 bay mare
Career Highlights

• 2002 WEG Jerez - 12th in Team classification
• 2002 WEG Jerez - 49th in Individual classification
• National Championships 2000 - 2nd
• National Championships 1999 - 5th
• 1999 Gelpad World Cup Australasian final - 1st
• 1998 Sydney CDI - 1st in all classes entered - Grand Prix / Kur / Special / Prix St George / Inter 1 & II
• 1998 Diana Ferrari (Melbourne) -1st in all classes entered -Grand Prix / Kur / Special / Prix St George / Inter 1
• 1997 Schoten CDI (Belguim) Grand Prix Kur 4th / Grand Prix 16th
• 1997 Hamburg CDI - 5th Grand Prix Kur / 17th Grand Prix

Favourite Food Snickers Bars
Favourite Movie(s) Oliver Twist
Favourite Music Dance Music
Pre-competition Routine Hibernate for about an hour before to concentrate on the job
Most Embarrassing Situation Getting bucked off in front of all my boarders and landing in the neighbours garden
Best advice you have received Aim for the stars - the worst you can do is soar with the eagles
Advice for aspiring riders As above
Who would you most like to meet Pete Sampras
Most Admired Sportsperson Judy Dierks (Dressage rider/coach)
Superstitions At competitions I wear my lucky socks
If you won 1 million dollars what would you do Give it to my parents as I have no idea what I would do with that amount of money
Languages Spoken English
Higher Education  Year 12
Any Major Injuries Broken finger - hard to hold the rein
Have you won any major sporting awards
No - not yet
Where did you grow up Tamworth/Armidale
What age did you start riding 6 years
How did you get into Equestrian Started at pony club and then at school
Ambitions Focussing on this year
What is the worst thing to happen to you in your career Not making the 1998 World Equestrian Games team
What is the funniest thing that has happened to you in sport At the World Cup final in Melbourne it felt like "Groundhog Day" whereby everybody celebrates my 24th birthday again and again
What will you do after you retire Get buried (or cremated)
What do your parents do Father is a pharmacist / Mother - working Mum
What do your brothers or sisters do Two younger brothers - one works on a cruise ship / one travels / sister is currently travelling
What will you do after you retire Have a family plus a pony in the back yard


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