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Risk Management for Coaches

Keeping our sport safe 


What is Risk Management

In our everyday lives, we face risks and we make judgements about whether we will accept these risks. For example, every time we sit behind the wheel of a motor vehicle, we accept that there is a chance of being injured in an accident, but we make a conscious decision that the benefits outweigh the risks.

However, those who invite other people to participate in their activities have a responsibility to ensure that these activities are free from risk of injury and are as safe as reasonably possible. This responsibility is expressed in legislation such as the “Trade Practices Act” as having a “Duty of Care”. It is very important that this duty of care is taken seriously and that you do all that is possible to make sure that you comply with this duty.

Risk Management is all about identifying those risks associated with your activities that may result in injury to another person or damage to their property. It is the process you put in place to either remove the risk or minimise the risk to an acceptable level.

EA NCAS Risk Management Checklist

A simple checklist designed by EA NCAS coaches covering everyday activities. Unusual activities or facilities may require further consideration and/or additional records to be kept:

Risk Management Checklist

Further Information

Comprehensive Risk Management information as used by EA clubs and event organisers is available for download.

Click here to go to the EA Risk Management page.

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