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The EA Insurance Plan and Professionals

The EA Insurance Plan provides Public Liability and Personal Accident on a 24/7 basis for Members of State Branches. Coverage is provided when a member is engaged in “non-income earning Equestrian activities”. These are activities which involve the use, ownership or control of a horse or horse-drawn vehicle or the direct participation in equestrian activities, which is not performed for any payment, income or financial reward.

EA’s Insurance Plan is set to provide a basic level of coverage for riders engaged in these non-income earning activities. It is also understood that many members do earn income and receive payment for their equestrian activities. Some examples of activities that can be conducted for payment are below, along with clarification on the response of the EA Insurance:

Competing for Prize Money

This is not considered income earning and as such is covered by the EA Insurance Plan for Members.


This is an income earning activity and additional cover is required.
EA Accredited Coaches can cover these activities through the EA Insurance Plan for Coaches.

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Riders paid to ride on behalf of an owner

This is an income earning activity and additional cover is required.

Paid Grooms

This is an income earning activity and additional cover is required.
If employed in a business, they may be covered under the business’ Workers Compensation and Public Liability policies.
Riders should check the insurance arrangements and their employment conditions with their employer.

Agistment Operators

Where any form of payment is received, this is an income earning activity and additional cover is required.

Horse Trainers

Where any form of payment is received this is an income earning activity and additional cover is required.

EA Insurance Plan

EA has a long standing relationship with Gow-Gates Insurance Brokers, the brokers to the EA Insurance Plan. Gow-Gates has developed tailored policies for EA Members which complement the EA Membership offerings. The benefit of Gow-Gates policies is that they are tailored around the individual activities of EA Members as well as their existing coverage through EA. This ensures that there are no gaps in coverage between the EA Insurance and the additional policies and also ensures that there are no double-ups, resulting in significant premium savings.

To illustrate this:

  • A rider who is paid to compete a horse by an owner, but otherwise only recreationally rides their own horse does not require additional coverage for all their riding, just the small portion of riding done on behalf of the owner for payment.
  • A Coach (insured through the EA Coach Insurance) who also provides agistment services would only require additional cover for their agistment business as the EA Member and Coach Insurance would cover their riding and coaching.

Further to this, there are discounts applied to EA Members and Coaches.

The additional policies that Gow-Gates provide are tailored to the individual activities of the riders in question. This ensures the most appropriate coverage and the most competitive premiums. The risks associated with a rider who competes weekly for payment by an owner are vastly different from a member who also operates an agistment centre on their property for 10 horses, day in day out. In all circumstances, the rider’s individual circumstances are taken into account.

EA encourages any members who engage in income earning activities to contact Gow-Gates to discuss their needs and obtain a competitive quote.

To contact Gow-Gates, please call 02 8267 9999 or email [email protected] or visit