FEI Calendar Applications 2022

FEI Calendar Applications for 2022 are now open. If you wish to hold an International (FEI) event during 2022, you will need to fill out the application form and return it to Equestrian Australia (EA) by 5pm Monday 2nd August 2021.

The application form contains all the fields that EA require for the uploading of information onto the FEI Calendar. Please ensure you enter all categories of FEI competition that you will be running. 

A schedule of fees for 2022 listing the costs involved with running an FEI event is yet to be confirmed. The 2021 costs can be found below in the attached document:

  1. FEI Calendar Fee: The calendar fee is payable for listing an event on the official FEI Calendar. Please note this fee is non-refundable even if the event is cancelled. All Calendar fees will be charged to the OC after EA has been invoiced by the FEI.
  2. Other FEI Fees: The other FEI fees listed on the attached document are indicative prices. Due to exchange fluctuations, it is difficult for Equestrian Australia to predict the CHF/AUD rate with any degree of certainty.  It has been deemed equitable to invoice any post event fees at the rate of CHF/AUD on the date the FEI invoice Equestrian Australia. 

All applications need to be returned by 5pm Monday 2nd August 2021. The dates will then be sent to the relevant National Discipline Committee for approval prior to being submitted to the FEI. 

There will be no exceptions made to this closing date, as per the FEI requirements, and any late applications will incur the FEI late fee. Although this fee was waived in 2021, we would not expect that these fees to be waived in 2022, and the fees are substantial (CHF 1,000 for higher level events and CHF 300 for lower level events).

The application form below can be sent via email to [email protected] - Committee Liaison Officer. Please ensure all contact details noted on the application form are correct and if the person of contact for the event changes please notify EA immediately.


If you have any enquiries, please contact Jenny Merity at Equestrian Australia on 02 8762 7709

2021 FEI Financial Charges.pdf


If you want your event to feature on the 2022 Online Event Calendar on this website http://www.equestrian.org.au/events/calendar, please forward the form below via email to [email protected]