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 FEI Checklist for Passports and FEI Athlete & Horse Registrations

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Attention FEI Riders competing at upcoming FEI Events:

  • Please ensure your FEI Athlete and Horse registrations have been renewed for 2023.
  • Please check your Horse’s Passports are still current and have not expired (valid for 4 years), if they are due to expire prior to the event please renew them as soon as possible and post the Passport into EA (minimum 2-3 weeks in advance).
  • If you are competing FEI Level for the first time and your horse or yourself, do not have a FEI Horse & FEI Athlete Registration and your horse does not have a Passport, please order your FEI Registrations and Horse’s Passport as soon as possible (EA recommends doing this a minimum of 4 weeks prior to an FEI Event).
  • If you are competing CCI4* & CCI5* Eventing, CDI3* & CDI-W Dressage, World Cup Jumping (CSI1*-W), CEI2* & CEI3* Endurance, CPEDI3* Para Equestrian & CVI3* Vaulting levels for the first time and your horse only has a National or an Approved Breed Passport, please order your FEI Recognition Card as soon as possible, you will need to post your National Passport/ approved Breed Passport into EA.
  • Ordering of Passports, FEI Recognitions Cards, FEI Registrations/Renewals is done online through; www.rideahorse.com.au/fei-forms
  • If you need to send Passports into EA please send by Express Post with a tracking number (please make a note of your tracking number). Post to: Equestrian Australia, Attn: Passports, PO Box 673, SYDNEY MARKETS, NSW, 2129.
  • Please ensure you have downloaded the FEI HorseApp and are inputting your horse’s temperatures twice a day for the 3 days leading up to the Event commencing and twice a day during the Event.