As defined in the FEI Veterinary Regulations 2018 Chapter VI, supportive therapies are divided into restricted therapies and non-restricted therapies.

What Therapies DO I need to perform to be a PET?

Restricted therapies that you must be a registered PET to use are

a) electrical current devices (e.g. TENS machines, NMES and H-wave);
b) therapeutic ultrasound therapy;
c) vacuum therapy; and
d) physical therapies (e.g. physiotherapy, acupressure, trigger point massage, myofascial release, osteopathy, chiropractic and spinal manipulation).

What Therapies do I NOT need to be a PET to perform?

Non-restricted therapies that you do not need to be a registered PET to perform are:
a) static magnetic equipment (e.g. magnetic rugs, magnetic leg and neck wraps)
b) low frequency pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) machines (e.g. battery powered magnetic rugs and leg wraps, cytowave). Please note: The use of PEMF machines is only permitted if their electromagnetic field is below 0.1 Tesla (1000 Gauss).
c) laser therapy using lasers of classes I to III
d) massage and massage equipment (e.g. equissage)
e) cooling equipment
f) light emitting diode (LED) therapy devices
g) cooling and heating pads
h) ionic boots
i) kinesio-taping (Kinesio-taping is only permitted in the FEI stable area)
j) vibration plates.

Who can perform acupuncture?

Acupuncture can only be performed by a permitted treating vet using solid needles. Acupuncture cannot be performed by a PET.

I am a vet and want to use rectricted therapy at an event. Can I be a PET?

No, vets cannot register as PETs. Any vet must be a registered permitted treating vet.

What therapies are prohibited?

The following are PROHIBITED supportive therapies and cannot be performed at an FEI event.
b) The use of Class IV lasers is prohibited at FEI Events
c) The use of electroacupuncture and moxibustion is prohibited at FEI Events
d) Cryotherapy and shock wave therapy (i.e. extra-corporal shockwave, ESWT) are prohibited at FEI Events and in the 5 days prior to the Events.
e) The use of diathermy is prohibited at FEI Events. 5. Kinesio-taping is only permitted in the FEI stables area.

How do I become a PET?

To become a PET you need to fill out the FEI application form CLICK HERE This form is then forwarded to Equestrian Australia and the National Head Vet approves or disapproves of your application. Once your application is approved you also need to pass an online examination. The online exam can be found CLICK HERE Click on login/sign up in the upper right corner then click on the button that says Log in With FEI ID. EA will supply you with a FEI ID once your application has been approved. Then click on the 'join course' button.

What do I need to provide?

Once you have completed the FEI application form, please provide EA with evidence that you have been trained in the therapies you are applying for eg copy of your degree, certificates of training etc. Each case is decided on an individual basis. Neither the FEI or EA will approve or certify courses.
Equestrian Australia are currently following these guidelines to decide which therapies you can be approved for.
a) Only qualified registered physiotherapists will be approved for physiotherapy.
b) To be approved for acupressure you need to have had training in acupuncture or acupressure.
c) For electrical devices and therapeutic ultrasound you need to state which machines you have and plan to use. We need to be able to determine that you know how to use the machine you have – eg you have done an online course that covered therapeutic ultrasound but you have never used one. You need to be able to demonstrate competency in each therapy so don't apply for an electrical device or therapeutic ultrasound if you don't know how to use the device (in some instances, training provided by the company whom you purchased the equipment from may be sufficient documentation).
d) Only qualified registered chiropractors will be approved for chiropractic.
e) Only qualified registered osteopaths will be approved for osteopathy.

Do I need Insurance?

Yes, you will need to have your own insurance, and provide a copy to Equestrian Australia along with your certificates.

What do I Do when I get to an event?

Before entering the stables you must sign in with the FEI official vet for the event and supply a list of horses you will be treating using the PET REGISTRATION FORM  You must carry your PET ID with you. Your PET status will be valid for 4 years and renewal will require you to retake the online exam every 4 years.
You must work under the supervision of a PTV at each event.

How do I add additional therapies?

If you have undergone further training in other restricted supportive therapies you can add these therapies to your existing profile. Instructions on how to apply for additional supportive therapies can be found CLICK HERE: The application will still require approval by EA.