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EA National Health, Safety and Welfare Survey Findings and Report - Dec 21 

Summary of Independent Review by Sport Australia - Sep 21

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This form is to be completed by all Medical Service Providers, eg doctors, medical service provider companies, individual paramedics/service providers, first aiders and any other health service provider (e.g. RN, ENs), who currently provide, or wish to provide, services at EA events, clubs and training days.

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EA Event Medical Service Provider (MSP) Register (Public) 2023

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This register will be updated by the NSM if required during the first week of every month.

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These Forms are for Organising Committees to use when engaging a Medical Service Provider for an Event. Both Form 06 & 07 are writable PDF documents. A copy of all completed Forms are to be forwarded to the Event Organiser.

Form 06: Medical Provider Pre-Event Checklist & Service Agreement

This document outlines the agreed services to be provided by a Medical Service Provider and is to be agreed and approved by the Event Organising Committee (OC). All sections of this agreement are to be completed prior to the commencement of any endorsed Equestrian Australia event.   

NB: This Form is for EVENTING discipline use ONLY

Form 6 updated 17.02.22

Form 06A

Note: Form06A is NOT MANDATORY for use. This form and its processes have been developed by EAs H&S team following significant consultation to date with States, Discipline committees, event organisers and others who are looking to improve their risk mitigation or management processes. 

Form06A is currently for trial until 31.03.2023 when a review of further feedback will be completed, with additional changes made accordingly. If an OC/AC chooses not to use this document as it is non-mandatory this does not incur any additional liability for them. 

All feedback is to be directed to your State, and a feedback form will be provided to the States for the purpose of information collection during the trial of this NEW Form06A.

Form 06A updated 09.01.23

Form 07: Medical Service Provider Pre-Event Audit

This document is to be completed by any Medical Service Provider engaged for any endorsed EA event. Part A: Accompanies Form 06 and is to be completed PRIOR to the day of the event. All relevant sections of this agreement are to be completed by the MSP prior to the commencement of any endorsed Equestrian Australia event.   

Form 7 updated 07.02.22



It is the responsibility of the Medical Service Provider (MSP) or Coach (not medical specific info) to complete EA-HSMS-MED-Incident Referral-Report Form 08. Training will be provided in 2021 for all EA registered MSP, Coaches and relevant others.

Form 08 Incident reporting requirements:
a) No apparent injury/illness (including a near miss activity).
Even any person who presents for a medical review or needs basic attention (band-aid) by a MSP or in the presence of an EA Coach. A copy is to be forwarded to NSM [email protected]

Note: For Eventing ONLY the TDs running sheet is sufficient to report no apparent injury or illness

b) ALL Serious Incidents (SI) (ambulance transfer, unable to return to sport, concussion or other). Form 08 MUST be completed by the MSP and /or EA Coach. A copy is to be forwarded to the NSM within 24hrs of the Serious Incident [email protected]

Reminder: For every Form 08 completed a copy is distributed to the following:
1) MUST be forwarded (scanned and emailed) to the NSM [email protected]

2) Medical Service Provider can keep a copy for their records

3) Copy for Organising Committee, Club or Coach

4) In the case of a suspected Concussion and/or transfer (e.g. Hospital) for further medical review following a Serious Incident a copy can go with the Ambulance, Athlete or their support person.

How to get Form 08?

Option 1. Purchase a triplicate booklet click here to order: 
Order Form for booklets
Cost: $20 per booklet plus postage as follows: 1-2 books $10 postage and 3+ books $20 postage
Payment can be by direct credit or credit card by calling EA National office 02 876 2777


Option 2. FREE access to Form 08.
Complete Form 08 on your iphone, ipad or laptop. You can elect to forward a copy via email to relevant parties (at the bottom of the form) and a copy MUST be emailed to NSM [email protected]
Form 8


As with a car, the decisions of the driver (rider), the condition of the car (horse) and the road you drive on (XC course) make a safe and successful trip (XC round).

Equestrian Australia (EA) with the support of the EA Making Eventing Safer Fund, State Branches and Organising Committees have invested heavily in making the road safer (XC course) with compulsory frangible devices, sloping shoulders on square fences and officials’ education.

Most importantly it is you, the rider, like a car driver, that will have the biggest contribution to safe XC rounds. Find out more by reading our Athlete Risk Management Resource HERE.



Australian based clubs that are running EA/FEI events can access funds for frangible pins and Mim clips via their relevant State Eventing Committee.