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2005 Australian Jumping Championships

 Australian Show Jumping Championships held at Mt. Gambier 02 - 05 December 2005

Results (MS Excel)

(Some results sheets were produced with German event management software, so it contains German words and phrases.)


Chris Chugg & Vivant, winners of the Mini Prix



Class 2

Class 3

Class 4

Class 5 Young Rider State

Class 6 EFA National Teams

Class 7 Young Horse

Class 7 Breed

Class 8

Class 10 Speed

Class 11 Futurity

Class 12 Aust Junior Champs (html) Class 12 PDF

Hayley Coman & MEC Rhythm, Junior Champions



Class 15 D-Grade

Class 16 110cm

Class 17 D-Grade

Class 18 Junior Speed

Class 19 YR Speed

Class 20 110cm

Class 21 D-Grade

Class 22 Junior State Teams


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