Officials' Insight

Are you an Equestrian Australia official who has recently officiated overseas and interested in sharing your experiences with other officials and the greater equestrian community in our regular series?   

'Insights' is a regular series on our website that tells the stories of international competitions from an Officials perspective.

The stories that we collect will be published on the Equestrian Australia website and/or newsletters and EA social media sites.

If you are interested in recounting your time abroad as an Official, please complete the form below so that a member of our team can contact you for more information. Officials who participate will be asked to submit a brief summary of their experience and also provide an image/s from the event (please note that your submission may be edited prior to publishing). You may provide your summary below or alternatively, a member of staff can interview you via phone.

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You may provide your summary here or alternatively a member of staff can interview you via phone using the contact details you have provided above.