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Posted by Kerrie Swan-Bates on 04/08/2017.
at the venue with our examiners when we were studying an FEI test in situ, as part of the course theory.

INSIGHT | Becoming a 3 Star Dressage Judge in Austria

Kerrie Swan-Bates from Tasmania is a 3* FEI Dressage Judge. She was one of the lucky recipients of the 2016/17 EA Officials Assistance Fund that has over the last five years offered some financial assistance to FEI Officials with the high expense of either achieving or maintaining an FEI qualification at FEI courses internationally. Here she tells us her story...

"From the 8th to the 11th December 2016 I attended the FEI course for promotion to 3* Dressage Judge. The exam was held in the beautiful town of Salzburg, Austria at the Mevisto Amadeus indoor horse show.

Our examiners were the very experience Dressage judges Ghislain Fourage from the Netherlands and Dieter Schule from Germany.

The course involved extensive theory sessions conducted in both a classroom setting in a nearby conference room and ringside.

Assessment was made from a theory paper, practical shadow judging of the Grand Prix, which was part of the prestigious FEI World Cup Series and an oral interview covering many aspects of Dressage theory and general knowledge/riding questions.

As a successful candidate and my subsequent promotion to FEI 3* status, I am looking forward to further assisting the guidance of riders and trainers through my on going judging assessments, and to be able to help with and promote the training and upgrading of our National judges."

Kerrie Swan-Bates 

myself and my fellow FEI judge candidate Linda Warren-Davey from New Zealand enjoying a post exam celebratory champagne under the lovely Christmas decorations.

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