Risk Management

For all queries relating to Health & Safety, incident reporting or risk management, email our National Safety Team at [email protected]

General enquires email: [email protected]

For urgent enquiries and serious incident reporting phone: 0481 162 596


Form 08 Incident reporting requirements:

All falls and incients must be reported within 24 hours. This is mandatory reporting for EA-HSMS-MED-Incident Report FORM 08.

Form 8

 EA Incident & Concussion Reporting Fact Sheet 1.pdf

Concussion Reporting within FORM 08 (option 3)

Concussion reporting Protocols and Return to Sport Management are a mandatory requirement for Equestrian, as advised by the Australian Institute of Sport.

This mandatory reporting is the responsibility of the Medical Service Provider (MSP) or Coach (not medical specific info) to complete Form 8 (EA-HSMS-MED-Incident Report).

Online concussion training is available for all EA registered MSP, Coaches and relevant others via the Equestrian Australia Learning Centre.

  EA Concussion Mangement Reporting Poster updated 27 November 2023.pdf



This form is to be completed by all Medical Service Providers, eg doctors, medical service provider companies, individual paramedics/service providers, first aiders and any other health service provider (e.g. RN, ENs), who currently provide, or wish to provide, services at EA events, clubs and training days.

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EA Event Medical Service Provider (MSP) Register (Public) 2023

Please click here to see the current list of MSPs that have agreed to share their details.

If you would like to be listed on this public register, please complete the form above and tick the public approval consent.

This register will be updated by the NSM if required during the first week of every month.

Thank you for your support in our Equestrian Sport.



These Forms are for Organising Committees to use when engaging a Medical Service Provider for an Event. Both Form 06 & 07 are writable PDF documents. A copy of all completed Forms are to be forwarded to the Event Organiser.

Form 06: Medical Provider Pre-Event Checklist & Service Agreement

This document outlines the agreed services to be provided by a Medical Service Provider and is to be agreed and approved by the Event Organising Committee (OC). All sections of this agreement are to be completed prior to the commencement of any endorsed Equestrian Australia event.   

Form 6 updated 17.02.22

Form 07: Medical Service Provider Pre-Event Audit

This document is to be completed by any Medical Service Provider engaged for any endorsed EA event. Part A: Accompanies Form 06 and is to be completed PRIOR to the day of the event. All relevant sections of this agreement are to be completed by the MSP prior to the commencement of any endorsed Equestrian Australia event.   

Form 7 updated 07.02.22

NB: These Forms are for EVENTING discipline use ONLY

NEW Form 06A (under trial) - for all other disciplines

Note: Form06A is NOT MANDATORY for use. This form and its processes have been developed by EAs H&S team following significant consultation to date with States, Discipline committees, event organisers and others who are looking to improve their risk mitigation or management processes. 

Form06A is currently for trial. Following review of further feedback, additional changes made accordingly. If an OC/AC chooses not to use this document as it is non-mandatory this does not incur any additional liability for them. 

All feedback is to be directed to your State, and a feedback form will be provided to the States for the purpose of information collection during the trial of this NEW Form06A.

Form 06A Issued 20.12.22



Below is Eventing's new Incident Response Management Plan, including serious incident management procedures. 

Eventing Incident Response Management Plan  Issued 05.09.23

Eventing SIMT Grab Pack
The individual templates that support the IRMP are available for use below.

Template 1: Eventing SIMT Briefing Meeting

Template 2: IRT SIMT Contact Details

Template 3: Dressage - Incident Response Plan (IRP)

Template 4: Show Jumping - Incident Response Plan (IRP)

Template 5: Cross Country - Incident Response Plan (IRP)

Template 6: Serious Incident Management Plan (SIMP)

Template 7: SIMT - Review Crew Checklist

Other Information

FEI SIMP Information


Eventing Fence Judge Brief

This form 20 is the new Fence Judge Brief for Eventing only (as of 01.07.2023). It substitutes the obsolete NSW critical incident video. This form needs to be acknowledged by the Fence Judge and needs to be retained within the Fence Judge paperwork folder.

EA-HSMS-Event-Fence Judge Rider-Horse Incident Brief. Form 20. V1.3.pdf

Eventing Fence Judge Video 

(as of 01.01.2024)



EA-HSMS-Event-State Eventing Safety Administrator 

The primary purpose of the State Eventing Safety Administrator is to liaise with the Organising Committees (OC) and Affiliated Clubs (AC) of each event and provide administrative support regarding all risk management plans, processes, and procedures in accordance with the FEI and EA National Eventing Rules. 

EA-HSMS-Event-State Eventing Safety Administrator Form 01.V1.4 (002).pd

Please see below a short educational video (13.46 mins) that provides an overview of the State Eventing Safety Administrator (SESA) support role, logistics and processes. Speakers are Meredith Chapman (EAs National Health and Safety Manager) and Michelle Debenham (EA FEI Technical Delegate).




Great work has been accomplished to date regarding completion of the Eventing Coronial Recommendations. One of the recommendations suggests a group of experienced officials (TDs, CDs, and Rider) review eventing horse falls and identify causal factors that may reduce a future incidence. Over the last 6 months (Jan-June 2023) the group has reviewed 7 horse falls, as well as some rider falls and a few horse falls from the previous year (2022). View this report below:

EA-Eventing Horse Fall Review Summary No 1 27.06.2023 (1).pdf

EA-Eventing Horse Fall Review Summary No 2 30.01.2024.pdf

EA National Health, Safety and Welfare Survey Findings and Report - Dec 21 

Summary of Independent Review by Sport Australia - Sep 21

Read archived safety reports here:

Archived Safety Reports 



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Keep up to date with the latest news, updates and advice surrounding Coronavirus (COVID-19).

COVID-19 Information for Equestrian Sport


Australian based clubs that are running EA/FEI events can access funds for frangible pins and Mim clips via their relevant State Eventing Committee.