National Board

The Board of Directors

Stephanie Lyons

Stephanie Lyons Qualifications

Stephanie is the Chief Risk Officer of EISS Super and is accountable for oversight of EISS Super’s risk management framework, compliance management framework, project management framework and audit program.

Stephanie previously worked with KPMG, holds a Bachelor of Commerce (German), is a Chartered Accountant and a Graduate of Harvard Business School (General Management Program).

Why did you choose to apply to be a member of the First Board?

“I am passionate about equestrian sports, having competed very successfully in eventing both in Ireland and Europe until I was 18. Currently as a very active sailor, having completed two Sydney to Hobart Yacht Races, I understand the planning, preparation, pressure, exhilaration and of course the importance of safety when organising or being a competitor in a high-risk sport. I firmly believe in the importance of a strong organisational culture which ultimately drives success. With a clear focus on values, being an experienced professional and a lover of sport, I can help Equestrian Australia with their transitional program to deliver excellent governance and a risk managed safe sport.”

State New South Wales


Mark Bradley - Chair

Mark Bradley Qualifications

Mark holds qualifications in law, financial services, assessment and workplace training, strategic management and corporate governance.

He is a successful senior executive in the financial services industry having also held non-executive director roles in various national and state sporting organisation.

Prior to joining the EA Board, Mark was previously a board member of Pony Club Australia.

Mark possess strong skills in financial management, risk management, governance, stakeholder management and communications.

Why did you choose to apply to be a member of the First Board?

“I'm a passionate and enthusiastic participant, supporter, and volunteer in the equestrian sport community.

I'm personally committed to working towards achieving a level playing field for all participants, finding the right balance between building participation at grass-roots and high-performance results, the efficient use of resources and timely delivery of service to members with transparency and accountability, improving the cooperation between all horse sport organisations across Australia and optimising the safety of both riders and horses across all disciplines.

I believe my skills and experience will enable me to contribute to the work of the EA Board and the future direction of the organisation.”

State New South Wales

Zac Miles

Zac Miles - Equestrian Director Qualifications

Zac has had extensive experience in governance roles, particularly in membership- based organisations and elected bodies. Zac has been around horses since he was young, having been a competitive showjumper until an accident at the EKKA cut his career short. He continues to be involved in horse care and training, as well as helping to manage equestrian facilities and apparel company EMCEE.

Zac is currently serving as Mayor of Hunters Hill and as the Senior Investment Manager of an Australian Financial Services Licence holding property debt fund (WholeCap). He brings a deep understanding of Equestrian Sports and a focus on good governance- improving both the administration and the growth of Equestrian Sports in Australia.

State New South Wales

Christie Freeman

Christie Freeman - EA Director Experience

Christie has a corporate background that includes experience in change management, Six Sigma process improvement, marketing and general management. She holds a Bachelor of Arts as well as Graduate Diplomas in Management and Psychology.  She understands our sport from participating as a volunteer, administrator, breeder and competitor and has also recently been the chair of Equestrian Victoria.  Currently, she is a show-jumping competitor with her homebred mare Quevida, though she started out in eventing. 

Why did you choose to apply to be a member of the First Board?

"As one of the first member elected directors to the Equestrian Australia Board I am very conscious of my responsibility to represent the members.  There is now an enormous opportunity to restructure and optimise our sport and I am keen to work with the board, disciplines, state branches and members to deliver on the best model for the next generation.  I believe with my diverse skills I can usefully make a contribution to the EA Board.

I value feedback from members and welcome your contact either by phone 0408420702 or email [email protected]"

 State Victoria 

Lucy Galovicova


Lucy is a qualified Chartered Accountant with over 10 years of experience in public practice, litigation and forensic accounting. 

With extensive experience in the sport of equestrian Lucy is well positioned to leverage her unique skillset to lead EA through the next stage of reform. 

Why did you choose to apply to be a member of the First Board?

I would like to be part of the restructure of EA to allow for my beloved sport to move forward in the right direction, with a strong focus on delivering cultural change and improvement in governance. 

My aim is to create an opportunity for growth in all areas, including grassroots, and utilising Australia’s resources to build all parts of equestrian sport. 

Lastly, I see an opportunity to market equestrian, develop and commercialise to let the sport flourish and improve.” 

State Western Australia

Athlete Director

Elizabeth Owens

Elizabeth Owens Qualifications

Elizabeth holds a Bachelor of Agricultural Science, with Honours, and has been employed in technical support, sales, and management roles in the field of animal nutrition and animal production for almost 40 years. Elizabeth has served on advisory committees within RIRDC, Standards Australia and as a board member for a not-for-profit disability service provider.

As an equestrian, Elizabeth was Chef d’Equipe for dressage at 2014 World Games, is a B level judge and was previously an accredited coach. Elizabeth is an enthusiastic amateur and still competes with one horse starting at Grand Prix and a 3yo at preliminary.

Why did you choose to apply to be a member of the First Board?

“I want to be part of the solution to a sport that has given me such joy over the last 40+ years. There is so much talent and passion for equestrian within EA members – from the volunteers to the riders and officials. They deserve a cost efficient, best practice, responsive and safe organisation in which they can enjoy their sport. I would like to part of the team that builds that organization for them.”

State Queensland

Board Sub-Committees

High Performance Committee (HPC)

  • Stephen Porter (QLD) - Independent Chair
  • Chris Webb (NSW) - HP Director
  • Nigel Nichols (NSW) - Independent Member
  • Hamish Cargill (NSW) - Independent Member
  • Elizabeth Owens (QLD) - EA Board Director
  • Darren Gocher (NSW) - EA CEO

Finance, Risk and Audit Committee (FRAC)

  • Stephanie Lyons (NSW) – EA Board Director Chair
  • Elizabeth Owens (QLD) - EA Board Director
  • Rachael Phelan (VIC) - Independent Member
  • Marc Lopez (VIC) - Independent Member
  • David Mandel (VIC) - Independent Member
  • Darren Gocher (NSW) - EA CEO
  • Karen Townsend (NSW) - EA GM Finance

Fees and Levies Committee (F&LC)

  • David Mandel (VIC) - Independent Chair
  • Geoff Edwards (WA) - State Representative
  • Veronica Steward (VIC)- State Representative
  • Mark Lopez (VIC) - Independent Member
  • Darren Gocher (NSW) - EA CEO
  • Karen Townsend (NSW) - EA GM Finance

National Health and Safety Committee (NHSC)

  • Mr George Proimos (VIC) – Chair
  • Ms Belinda Bailey (NSW) – Member
  • Mr Roger Kane (VIC) – Member
  • Ms Linda Lewis (VIC) – Member
  • Ms Stephanie Lyons (NSW) – EA Board Director
  • Dr Kirsten Neil (VIC) – Member (EA Head Veterinarian)
  • Dr Tess Goodwin (VIC) – Chief Medical Officer (CMO)

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