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Managing and reporting concussion for our Equestrian Sport is mandatory from 1st January 2021.  

EA has developed a 'Concussion in Sport reporting Protocol’  and this describes the process for our Medical Service Providers (supporting organising committees and clubs) and EA Accredited Coaches, Officials and Clubs to complete. This forms part of the EA Overarching National Event-Activity Medical & Reporting Protocol - see "Table 1" on the Risk Management page HERE.

Equestrian Australia Concussion Training is now available

This training will be delivered by Equestrian Australia’s National Safety Manager and guest speakers

Training dates for Concussion:

Coaches, Officials, OCs and Clubs:  2022 Dates TBC

Athletes: 2022 Dates TBC

Please refer to EA National Concussion in Sport education and training materials Version1.3 2021 

Have the above training materials handy when you're participating in the concussion training course.

Concussion Reporting Forms

Concussion reporting Protocols and Return to Sport Management are a mandatory requirement for Equestrian, as advised by the Australian Institute of Sport.

It is the responsibility of the Medical Service Provider (MSP) or Coach (not medical specific info) to complete Form 8 (EA-HSMS-MED-Incident Referral-Report).

Training is being provided for all EA registered MSP, Coaches and relevant others.

Form 08 Incident reporting requirements:

a) No apparent injury/illness (including a near miss activity).
Even any person who presents for a medical review or needs basic attention by a MSP or in the presence of an EA Coach. A copy is to be forwarded to NSM [email protected]

Note: For Eventing ONLY the TDs running sheet is sufficient to report no apparent injury or illness

b) ALL Serious Incidents (SI) (ambulance transfer, unable to return to sport, concussion or other). Form 08 MUST be completed by the MSP and /or EA Coach. A copy is to be forwarded to the NSM within 24hrs of the Serious Incident [email protected]

Reminder: For every Form 08 completed a copy is distributed to the following:
1) MUST be forwarded (scanned and emailed) to the NSM [email protected]

2) Medical Service Provider can keep a copy for their records

3) Copy for Organising Committee, Club or Coach

4) In the case of a suspected Concussion and/or transfer (e.g. Hospital) for further medical review following a Serious Incident a copy can go with the Ambulance, Athlete or their support person.

How to get Form 08?

Complete Form 08 on your iphone, ipad or laptop. You can elect to forward a copy via email to relevant parties (at the bottom of the form) and a copy MUST be emiled to NSM [email protected]

Incident Referral Report - Form 08

EA Member Concussion Advice - Form 09 A 

General Concussion Resources

Concussion in Sport: Concussion in Sport

Brain Injury Australia: Brain Injury Aus

Find out how a concussion occurs, how to identify the symptoms and how to treat it in this video: Concussion in Sport Australia

Concussion Recognition Tool 5: CRT5

Headcheck Concussion App: Concussion App – HeadCheck



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