What is Driving?

Driving is the oldest competitive equestrian sport yet it continues to thrive in the 21st century. Drivers sit on a vehicle drawn by a single horse or pony, a pair or a four-in-hand and they face up to three trials – dressage, marathon obstacles and cones driving.

EA National Driving Rules & Tests   FEI Driving Rules


It involves performing a sequence of compulsory figures within an 80 x 40 metre rectangle. The objective of the Dressage Test is to judge the freedom, regularity of paces, harmony, impulsion, suppleness, lightness, ease of movement and correct bending of the horse or horses on the move.  Movements include walk, variations of trot, canter at more advanced levels (singles only), halt, rein back, in set patterns which include different sized circles, serpentines and diagonals


It is a spectacular time trial run over a course with a set number of obstacles with compulsory gates through which the driver must safely maneuvre the horse/s. The marathon tests the horses’ fitness and the drivers' connection with their horse/s and judgment of pace.

Cones Driving 

It tests the fitness, obedience and suppleness of the horses after the marathon, as well as the skill and competence of the driver who must weave cleanly through a narrow track outlined by cones with balls balanced on top.

Navigators / Backsteppers

Driving is a team sport. It requires everyone in the team to be knowledgeable and competent. The Navigator/Backstepper is not a passenger. The Navigator/Backstepper is an integral part of the Driving competition unit. The EA Driving Committee have developed an education resource to assist in addressing some important points to assist Navigator/Backsteppers to have a greater understanding of the role they play, skill development, horse welfare and understanding of the national rules.

Navigators/Backsteppers Information

High Performance

For the Discipline of Driving, National Squads within the Equestrian Australia High Performance Program focus primarily on developing Australian combinations to compete at World Championships. Selection in these Squads is an indication that Selectors have identified combinations as possible future World Championship competitors. Selection in these squads will provide support / coaching opportunities through the EA High Performance Program to assist the selected to develop further.

Mission: The Green and Gold High Performance Squad Programs provide training opportunities for Australian drivers that have demonstrated a commitment to the goal of competing at EA/FEI level. These programs seek to assist drivers that are in the pursuit of competitive excellence. The Generation Next Squad Program identifies up and coming talented drivers in order to create a High Performance development pathway. The programs aim to increase the number of drivers and their horses/ponies competing at high performance levels therefore developing and enhancing the future of Driving in Australia.

 National High Performance Program for National Driving Squad is currently being reviewed.

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