Driving Rules & Regulations


Current Driving Rules

EA National Driving Rules - CLEAN  Rules effective 1 January 2024

EA National Driving Rules - MARKED  Rules effective 1 January 2024

Summary of changes to National Driving Rules effective 1 January 2024 available HERE

FEI Driving Rules 

National Driving Tests:

  Drive-1 Challenge Test (March 2022).pdf

Drive-2 Challenge Test FINAL (March 2022) updated 31Jul23.pdf

  Drive-1 Dressage Test (March 2022).pdf

   Drive-2 Dressage Test (March 2022).pdf

Cones Courses:

As per EA Driving Rule 19.1.2 – Organising Committees may use an EA or FEI accredited Course Designer (see EA website Officials search), or use an accredited Cones Course layout provided by EA.

Below is an accredited EA Cones Course - if this option is used, the OC should consult with an accredited Course Designer to ensure that the course is constructed correctly.

  Driving Australia - EA Drive 1 and EA Drive 2 - Cones Course A.pdf

  Scoresheet for Cones Course A.pdf

 FEI Carriage Driving Tests