Child Safety

Equestrian Australia (EA) takes very seriously its responsibility to deliver a safe and welcoming sporting environment that is caring, nurturing and safe for children.

Our sport operates across Australia and engages children and young people through a number of programs such as competition, young rider squads, participation activities and social events.

Equestrian Australia Child Safety Commitment Statement

This statement outlines our commitment to protecting child safety in Equestrian sport in Australia.

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Australian Sports Commission 

Australian Sports Commission (ASC) CEO Kate Palmer says child safety measures must be prioritised and embedded in every Australian sporting organisation as the ASC launched an online toolkit to help sports enhance safe, supportive and friendly environments for children.

The ASC Board has also released its own commitment statement to child safety in sport, stating the ASC has “zero tolerance for any behaviour that puts the wellbeing of children and young people at risk”.

The online toolkit provides extensive and practical advice for sporting organisations. and is the result of some fantastic collaboration by the National Safeguarding of Children in Sport Strategy (NSCSS) working group and the Australian Childhood Foundation.

Child Safe Sport Toolkit 



The Australian Government 'Play by the Rules' program provides information, resources, tools and free online training to increase the capacity and capability of administrators, coaches, officials, players, parents and spectators to assist them in preventing and dealing with discrimination, harassment, child safety, inclusion and integrity issues in sport.

Ride by the Rules

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