Team Vets

Nathan Anthony

Nathan joined the AET as the Eventing Team vet in 2013. Nathan started his career in mixed practice in South Australia working with all animals, large and small. He then branched into Equine practice, working in the UK for some time before relocating to WestVETS in Anstead where he has been based since 2002. Nathan’s main fields of interest and expertise are the diagnosis and treatment of lameness in performance horses and equine surgery. Nathan also has extensive experience in Equine Reproduction and he thrives on the hectic workload of the reproductive season.

Robin Bell

Robn joined the AET vet team in 2013 working with both the Dressage and Jumping teams. Robin obtained his veterinary degree at Sydney University and completed an internship at the University's teaching hospital at Camden. He completed his residency training and Masters at Massey University in New Zealand, and after working in referral practice in the UK he was responsible for running the Equine Lameness and Imaging service at the University of California Davis. He is a European specialist in Equine Surgery with a particular interest in equine lameness and advanced imaging, in particular high performance equine athletes and the use of CT and MR.

Klaus Pieter Neuberg