Policies & Bylaws

Governance & Administration

Equestrian Australia Constitution

Equestrian Australia General Regulations 

Summary of updates to EA General Regulations 1 January 2022 HERE.

Summary of updates to EA General Regulations 1 July 2022 HERE.

EA General Regulations (Clean) effective 1 July 2022 HERE.

EA General Regulations (Marked) effective 1 July 2022 HERE.

Memorandum of Understanding - EA & State Branches

Equestrian Australia Committee Bylaws 

Equestrian Australia Conflict of Interest Policy

Equestrian Australia Privacy Policy

Equestrian Australia Social Media Policy 

Equestrian Australia Code of Conduct 

National Discipline Committee Appointment & Procedures 

EA Appointment Procedures for National Positions HP 

EA Event Sanctioning Policy

Equestrian Australia Travel Claims Policy

International Horse Owner Licence Bylaw 

Membership policies

Equestrian Australia Membership Bylaws 

Equestrian Australia Member Protection Policy 

EA Complaints, Disputes and Discipline Policy

EA Child Safeguarding Policy 

EA Competition Manipulation and Sports Wagering Policy 

EA Personal Grievances Policy 

EA Improper Use of Drugs and Medicine Policy 

Equestrian Australia Member Recognition Awards 

EA Awarding Wearing Australian Flag Policy 

For a list of MPIOs please click here 

Charters for all National Discipline Committees (NDC) 

EA Driving Committee Charter

EA Dressage Committee Charter

EA Endurance Committee Charter

EA Eventing Committee Charter

EA Jumping Committee Charter

EA Show Horse Committee Charter

EA Vaulting Committee Charter

Disciplinary Policies

Equestrian Australia Disciplinary by laws

EA Disciplinary tribunal procedure and protocol

Equestrian Australia Appeal bylaws


Doping/Medical/Safety policies

Judicial Decisions & Sanctions

EA Anti-Doping Policy 

For more Anti-Doping information click HERE

EA Medication Control Policy 

EA Hot Weather Policy  

EA Stallion Safe Practices Guidelines

Visit the Stallion Safe Practice Page for more information HERE.

Discipline Rules & Regulations

For the Discipline Rules & Regulations, the FEI Code of Conduct for the Welfare of the Horse, Approved Safety Standards for Helmets, FEI Veterinary Regulations, etc. click HERE.