What is Para-Equestrian?

Para-Equestrian is Equestrian Sport for people with a classifiable physical or visual impairment. The word 'Para' stands for Parallel, meaning alongside Open Sport. 

Para-Equestrian Dressage is the only Equestrian discipline that is included in the Paralympic Games, where it has been a regular fixture since 1996.

Para-Dressage and Para-Driving are recognised sports by the FEI. Para-Jumping and Para-Reining are gaining momentum in Europe, the USA and UK. Information about Para-Reining in Australia is available on

With the idea of creating opportunities for all people with physical or visual impairments to compete and achieve their goals in equestrian sport, athletes are classified according to the level of their disability/impairment so as to provide a fair and even playing field of competition.