Equestrian Australia Committees

EA Committee Bylaws 

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Equestrian Australia Coaching Committee

Annyka Overton     
David Francis     
Glenys Cox     
Lone Joergensen     
Mark Griffiths     
Michelle Strapp     
Nellandra Henry     
Penelope Toft     
Robert Stewart     
Susan Andrews     
Virginia Creed     


Equestrian Australia Dressage Committee

Gillian Botten - Chair [email protected]  
Alexis Hellyer - Dressage Athletes' Representative [email protected]   -
Toni Venhaus [email protected]  
Lisa Baker [email protected]  -
Julie Jones [email protected] 0410 405 505
Belinda Snooks [email protected]   
Aengus Wright (co-opted) [email protected]  

EADC Committee - full profiles (currently being updated)

Equestrian Australia Dressage Officials Committee (EADOC)

Equestrian Australia Driving Committee

Andrea Webb [email protected] 0449 756 556
Wendy Bruszewski [email protected]  -
Mary Seefried  [email protected]  -
Corby Cunnington - Athletes' Representative [email protected] 0427 632 732
 Ty Nichols  [email protected]  
Suzan McDermott [email protected]  

Equestrian Australia Endurance Committee

Sonya Ryan - Chair [email protected]  
Vacant - TBA    
Andrea Laws-King [email protected] -
Vacant - TBA   -
Naomi O'Shaughnessy - Athletes' Representative [email protected]
Penny Toft  [email protected]  

Equestrian Australia Eventing Committee

Janet Houghton - Chair & VIC [email protected]    0419 003 068
Jo Crosby - SA [email protected]
Diana Massey - WA [email protected]
Lisa Gall - QLD [email protected]
Jade Findlay - NSW [email protected]
Jamie Buckby - TAS [email protected]
Stuart Tinney - Athletes' Representative [email protected] 

Equestrian Australia Interschool Committee

Corien Ridley  
Julia Williams  
Leah Brown  
Sue Goldfinch  
Emily Ballard  
Bridget Murphy (Para Representative)  
CONTACTS [email protected]

Equestrian Australia Jumping & World Cup™ Committee

Rory Hovell - Chair  [email protected]   0409 004 328
Michael Archer [email protected]
Brigid Willis [email protected]
George Sanna [email protected] 
Graeme Watts [email protected] 
Krissy Harris  - Athletes' Representative [email protected]   0459 168 782

Equestrian Australia Show Horse Committee

Kerry Patchett - Chair

[email protected]  

0412 062 084
Chris Lawrie - Athletes' Representative [email protected]  -
Toni Harper-Purcell - QLD [email protected] -
Peta Daffurn - NSW  [email protected]    
Lorri Mansell - VIC [email protected]  
Tania Hay - TAS [email protected] -
Kym Brajkovich - WA [email protected] -
Vacant - NT    

Equestrian Australia Vaulting Committee

Natalie McNeil - Chair  [email protected]  
Skye Barrowcliffe 
[email protected]  -
Gillian Burns [email protected]   
Karen Ford  [email protected]  
Eliza Wark-Chapman  [email protected]  
Matilda Yates (Athletes' Representative)  [email protected]