Equestrian Australia Discipline Committees

EA Committee Bylaws 

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Equestrian Australia Dressage Committee

Gillian Botten - Chair [email protected]  
Alexis Hellyer - Dressage Athletes' Representative [email protected]   -
Kerrie Swan-Bates [email protected]  
Lisa Baker [email protected]  -
Julie Jones [email protected] 0410 405 505
Belinda Snooks [email protected]   

EADC Committee - full profiles (currently being updated)

Equestrian Australia Dressage Officials Committee (EADOC)

Equestrian Australia Driving Committee

Bob Edwards - Chair  [email protected] -
Andrea Webb [email protected] 0449 756 556
Wendy Bruszewski [email protected]  -
Mary Seefried  [email protected]  -
Corby Cunnington Athletes' Representative [email protected] 0427 632 732
 Ty Nichols  [email protected]  

Equestrian Australia Endurance Committee

Sonya Ryan - Chair [email protected]  
James Sheahan  [email protected]  
Jane Radny [email protected]  -
Darien Feary [email protected] -
Naomi O'Shaughnessy - Athletes' Representative [email protected]
Penny Toft  [email protected]  

Equestrian Australia Eventing Committee

Janet Houghton - Chair & VIC [email protected]    0419 003 068
Jo Crosby - SA [email protected]
Pollyann Huntington - WA [email protected]
Matt Gaske - QLD [email protected] 
Jade Findlay - NSW [email protected]
Jamie Buckby - TAS [email protected]
Stuart Tinney - Athletes' Representative [email protected] 

Equestrian Australia Jumping & World Cup™ Committee

Rory Hovell - Chair  [email protected]   0409 004 328
Michael Archer [email protected]
Brigid Willis [email protected]
George Sanna [email protected] 
Coco Miles  [email protected]  
Krissy Harris  - Athletes' Representative [email protected]   0459 168 782

Equestrian Australia Show Horse Committee

Kerry Patchett - Chair

[email protected]  

0412 062 084
Chris Lawrie - Athletes' Representative [email protected]  -
Toni Harper-Purcell - QLD [email protected] -
Dominique Blanchette - NSW  [email protected]  
Lorri Mansell - VIC [email protected]  
Tania Hay - TAS [email protected] -
Kerry Wilson - WA [email protected]
Tanya Reynolds - NT [email protected] 0419 120 554

Equestrian Australia Vaulting Committee

Chair - vacant    
Sharyn van Someren sv[email protected]  -
Natalie McNeill [email protected]  
Lisbeth Betts [email protected]    
Matilda Yates  - Athletes' Representative [email protected] 
Skye Barrowcliffe   [email protected]  

Equestrian Australia Coaching Committee

More information on the Equestrian Australia Coaching Committee can be found here

Sally-Ann Barbera (NSW & IGEQ Delegate) - Chair
Christopher Mann (VIC)
Trudy Dougall (QLD)
Judith Peel (TAS)
Tamsin Adcock (SA)
Philippa Collier (WA)
Caroline Hooper (NSW) 
Gail Simms (WA)
Grant Paddison (QLD)
Simon Kale (IGEQ delegate)