Coaches Getting Started


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  • Introductory Horse Management
  • Introductory Riding

Once you have purchased the Introductory Horse Management and Introductory Riding resources you will be enrolled in the program.

When you receive your books read through them and familiarise yourself with the task requirements.

You will then need to contact a Coach Educator (CE) or Skills Specific Trainer and Assessor (SSTA) to organise an appointment to begin your assessment. You can find a CE/SSTA in your area via the EA Coach Search

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Filter the results by selecting your state and 'Coach Type' select Coach Educator OR Skills Specific Trainer and Assessor

Click here to see the process for possible fast-tracking of EA Riding Modules. Please note, you will still need to purchase the books and take these along with your competition results or other accreditations to a Coach Educator for verification. You will also be required to work with a Coach Educator to be assessed on any gap requirements.