Coach Forms and Resources

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For Coaches, SSTAs and CEs

Coaching Resource Order Form

EA Coach Resource Order Form 2022-23.pdf

Please note: Due to limited days in the office, resources will be sent on Tuesdays.

Becoming a Coach Guide EA Coach Becoming a Coach Guide 2020-21.pdf
Coaching Renewal: How To Complete Online Guide How_to_Online_Coach_Renewal_2017.pdf
Coaching Activities Form  EA Coach Activities Form 2022-23.pdf
Coach Registration Renewal Form 
EA Coach Registration Renewal Form 2022-23.pdf
New Coach Registration Form  EA Coach_New Registration Form 2022-23.pdf
Lapsed Coach Registration Form  EA Lapsed Coach Registration Renewal Form 2022-23.pdf
Lapsed & Non-Practicing Coaches Process

EA Coach Lapsed and NonPractising Coaches Renewal Process 2020-21.pdf

Familiarisation form

EA Coach Familiarisation Form 2021-22.pdf

IGEQ Passport application EA Coach IGEQ Passport Order Form 2022-23.pdf
IGEQ Coach Registration Form (for non EA coaches) IGEQ Coach Registration Form 2022-23.pdf
EA Accredited Coach Merchandise Click Here
Coach Code of Ethics EA Coach_Code of Ethics 2020-21.pdf
Skills Recognition - CE Endorsement & Resource Order Form (to be submitted together)

EA Coach Educator Endorsement Form 2020-21.pdf

EA Coach Skills Recognition Resource Order Form 2022-23.pdf

CE/SSTA Resource Order Form 

EA Coach Educator Resource Order Form 2020-21.pdf

EA Coach Newsletter - IN THE ARENA

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EA Accredited Coach Logos

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Coaching Waiver form - July 2021

All clients, including both EA members and non-members, should complete a waiver before their first lesson.  The form is a writable pdf and electronic signatures are acceptable.


  Waiver - Coach - 22 Dec.pdf


 Education resources 

EA Compulsory Coach Update (all EA Coaches, SSTAs and CEs) and Orientation to EA and Coaching Pathway (New Coaches) education package order form Click HERE
Sport Australia Community Coach General Principles Course Link Click HERE
Sport Integrity Anti-Doping Fundamentals (formerly ASADA Level 1) Course Link Click HERE
Sport Integrity Annual Update 2021 (formerly ASADA Level 2) Course Link Click HERE

 Assessment slips

Intro Level 1 Level 2


Marsh Insurance Website (including coach Certificates of Currency) [email protected]
Incident report form EA-HSMS-MED-Incident Referral-Report Form 08
Risk Management checklist  EA Coach_Risk Management Summary 2020-21.pdf
EA Registered Coach Insurance Benefits 2021 - 2022 EA Registered Coach Insurance Benefits 2021-2022.pdf
Involved in other activities besides coaching - starting horses, agistment etc? Access additional cover through EA Coach Insurance. 

[email protected]


EA & FEI Stock

Stock for sale includes dressage test books & discipline rules and regulations - order Here