Navigators / Backsteppers

Driving is a team sport. It requires everyone in the team to be knowledgeable and competent. The Navigator/Backstepper is not a passenger.

Equestrian Australia recognises the Navigator/Backstepper is an integral part of the Driving competition unit. No Athlete can perform at their best and safely without the input of a well-trained, experienced Navigator/Backstepper.

As highlighted in the FEI Driving Rules, it is imperative for the National Federation to ensure that Navigators/Backsteppers possess the necessary knowledge and experience in driving. 

The EA Driving Committee have developed an education resource to assist in addressing some important points to assist Navigator/Backsteppers to have a greater understanding of the role they play, skill development, horse welfare and understanding of the national rules, all valuable knowledge to either reinforce, refresh or enhance the knowledge of personnel taking on the role. 

Education Resource - EA Driving Navigator/Backstepper Competency Training
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Along with the education resource the EA Driving Committee have commenced the implementation of a Navigator/Backstepper Certification.

There are 2 certificates as part of the EA Navigator/Backstepper Certification Program:

Certificate 1 - For use by all EA-affiliated Clubs, EA Driving coaches, Organising Committees, Judges and Officials, Athletes and current and prospective navigator/backsteppers, to improve safety, horse welfare, rules knowledge and skills development at all levels of Driving.  Review the Education resource, then complete a short quiz and gain 80% pass mark.

Certificate 1 Quiz CLICK HERE 

Certificate 2 – Additional criteria to be met, to formalise EA recognition of competency for those adults acting as navigator/backsteppers in FEI format competition for Para Athletes and Athletes under 18 years. This is in the form of evidence of competency being submitted to the EA National office, with your Navigator/Backstepper Certificate 1, and can be by one or more of the following:

- Short video of skills (eg in a competition or during training)

- Letter of confirmation from an EA Accredited Driving Coach or from an accredited coach from another National Federation

- Letter of confirmation from an executive of a Club which holds Driving events

- Other supporting evidence that you see fit, for example, submitting particulars about being an experienced navigator/backstepper for a competitor

This certification, at present is optional, however we encourage all drivers and on carriage personnel, Navigators/Backsteppers, to engage and complete the certification after reviewing the education resource.