Equestrian Australia Coaching Committee

The Board of Equestrian Australia (EA) recognises that coaching is an important, integral and specialised area of equestrian sport. The Board considers that for the sport to develop, our programs will benefit from input, management and oversight from a panel of practicing and experienced coaches.

The Equestrian Australia Coaching Committee (EACC) have been appointed by the EA Board to assist with:

  • development and implementation of coach training, assessment and ongoing education of coaches; and
  • promotion of learning and skill development for all members.


 Equestrian Australia Coaching Committee

Robert Stewart - (Chair - NSW)
Timothy Calkin  (VIC)
Geraldine van Montfrans-Eady (QLD)
Judith Peel (TAS)
Lynda Smith (SA)
Philippa Collier (WA)
Susan Leslie (VIC)
Sally-Ann Barbera (NSW)
Gillian Botten (WA)
Simon Kale (NSW - IGEQ delegate to 30 December 2019)


Equestrian Australia Coaching Committee meeting summaries 

EA Coaching Committee Minutes Summary 31.10.2019 FINAL.pdf

EA Coaching Committee Minutes Summary 17.10.2019 FINAL.pdf

EA Coaching Committee Minutes Summary 29.08.2019 FINAL.pdf

For the Charter and Appointment and Procedures Policy for the EACC please see below.

EA Coaching Committee Charter - April 2019.pdf

   EA Coaching Committee Appointment and Procedures Policy - April 2019.pdf