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Posted by Jill Sinclair 3/4* Eventing FEI judge, Level B Dressage EA Judge, Level 2 EA NCAS Coach. on 15/08/2017.

INSIGHT | Eventing in Argentina

Jill Sinclair holds qualifications as an FEI Eventing 3*/4* Judge and L1 Steward;  EA Dressage B Level Judge and Judge Mentor as well as both an EA Dressage L2/General L1 Coach and Coach Educator. She has spent a few weeks in Argentina officiating on the Buenos Aires Three Day Event whilst her husband, Geoff Sinclair - one of Australia's most experienced and respected Eventing Officials - was Course Director at the FEI Seminar. Here she shares her story with us...

"Geoff and I have just returned from a wonderful few weeks in South America and enjoyed helping at a Three Day Event in Buenos Aires (Argentina) at an Equestrian Army Camp. The Army at the facility run the event with help from Brazilian and Argentinian FEI Officials.

The Commander of the camp, Pablo Plaza, worked at the Rio Olympics. Geoff was running an FEI Officials Seminar. Candidates work on their areas of expertise and then join with the other disciplines to gain a holistic approach to the sport. The learning curve is never ending!

Showjumping has been the strongest equestrian discipline in Argentina. Now they are keen to compete more successfully with the rest of the world. Funding is difficult but vision, enthusiasm and hard work are second to none.

A few years ago I taught over there. Their horse-breeding program uses Selle Francais bloodlines. I can assure you that there was more than one horse that I would have liked to bring home in my case.

Those accepted into the Equestrian ranks work hard! They study horse anatomy, physiology, the theory of riding, and many other areas of horsemanship. They also school six horses a day in all disciplines. Beginners may spend months without stirrups in order to develop a good seat.

Campo De Mayo has excellent facilities. Two indoor schools. A great outdoor surface for training and dressage competitions. A permanent Grandstand overlooking a beautifully maintained grassed showjumping arena is elevated in front of about 100 acres where the Cross Country course continues to expand and improve. We were enveloped by friendly people who display a "Joie de Vivre" that we could all learn from."

Jill Sinclair

From left our Showjumping Judge and "go to" man, George. Julie Purgly and Gustav Gomez my partners on the Ground Jury. I asked for some fruit and vegetables to dress this fence. We all had fun being artistic.You guessed it, I asked them to hide behind the fence in a "Humpty Dumpty" pose. George said that this was as far as his knees would oblige!

Teaching Dressage after the 3DE - from the right: Director of the 3 Day Event and Campo De Mayo, Pablo Plaza. Geoff Sinclair, myself, and Pablo's daughter.

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