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Posted by Sue Nevett on 30/03/2017.

INSIGHT | Miki Japan FEI Eventing Level 2 Seminar

Sue Nevett has officiated as an FEI 1/2 star eventing judge at the Miki Japan FEI  Eventing Level 2 Seminar in October 2016. Here she tells us her story...

"The Miki horse park is truly beautiful. Neat and tidy with quality surfaces as you would expect.

The course attendees were notified beforehand to complete a general and legal test and to supply two case studies from their own experiences.

These, and their outcomes /rulings where discussed during the seminar and were very insightful!

Christina Klingspor the director of the seminar is from Sweden, Alec Lochore from Great  Britain and Wayne Copping is our S.A. Aussie. 

The mix of nationalities in the course gave a real global insight to the judging and designing of the eventing. We spent some time discussing many varied problems arising during an event, and best ways solving them.

The C.C. course at the beautiful horse park at Miki went through forest walking trails.

Ewen Kellet had built and shipped over many portable fences which added to a very attractive course. There were few riders in the 3 star but more to observe in the 2 and 1-star classes. We walked the course several times, and a walk after, measuring the hoofprints and taking a good look the frangible pins.

Was good to catch up with Aussies  Ewen Kellet, Bev Shandley, Roger Kane, Wayne Copping. 

I had a birthday on the Saturday and so celebrated at a karaoke night with all my new friends!"

Sue Nevett

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