What is Dressage? 

In Dressage competitions, horse and rider perform a series of predetermined movements, known as ‘figures’ or “movements” in an arena of either 20x60 metres or occasionally 20x40 metres. The arena has 12 lettered markers placed symmetrically indicating where movements are to start and finish and where changes of pace or lead are to occur. In all competitions, the horse has to show the three paces: walk, trot and canter as well as smooth transitions within and between these paces. At Grand Prix level very collected movements such as Piaffe and Passage are required (see Dressage Movements).

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Dressage Movements

2016-2018 Dressage Calendar

How is dressage judged?

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Dressage Rules and Tests

Dressage scoring system

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How to construct a Dressage arena

The following is a guide of how to erect a Dressage Arena to ensure it conforms with the correct dimensions.

Dressage Arena Guide 

Measuring Rules & Days

Show Horse & Dressage Measuring Rules & Days 

Exemption Cards

Dressage riders who require exemptions for modified equipment, or exemptions from dressage rules (such as not being able to sit trot, or requiring a caller/commander) can apply for an EA Exemption Card, which does not require a Para Equestrian Classification to be undertaken.

Exemption Cards

National Dressage Committee

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Australian Dressage International Travel Fund

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Equestrian Australia supports the Australian Dressage International Travel Fund but please be advised EA has no access to the funds raised nor does it have any input into how the funds are distributed. This is the responsibility of the executors of the Trust.

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Photo : Brett Parbery & DP Weltmieser at the 2015 Sydney CDI. Credit : Julie Wilson