Policies & bylaws

Governance & Administration

 Equestrian_Australia_General_Regulations.pdf (updated 19 October 2016)
Memorandum of Understanding - EA and State Branches.pdf
Equestrian_Australia_Committee_Bylaws.pdf (updated 01 April 2017) 
Equestrian Australia Conflict of Interest policy.pdf
 Equestrian_Australia_Privacy_Policy.pdf (updated 01 September 2017) 
EA_National_Discipline_Committee_Appointment_and_Procedures_Policy.pdf (updated 01 April 2017)
EA Event sanctioning policy.pdf
Equestrian Australia Travel Claims Policy.pdf
International_Horse_Owner_Licence_Bylaw.pdf (updated 01 January 2018)

Membership policies

Equestrian Australia Membership Bylaws.pdf
Equestrian_Australia_Member_Protection_Policy.pdf (updated 05 July 2017)
For a list of MPIOs please click here
Equestrian_Australia_Member_Recognition_Awards.pdf (updated 01 January 2018)
EA_Awarding_Wearing_Australian_Flag_Policy.pdf (updated 31 March 2018)
Equestrian Australia Anti-Match fixing policy.pdf
EA_Stallion_Safe_Practice_Policy.pdf (updated 29 March 2018)

Charters for all National Discipline Committees (NDC) 

EA_Carriage_Driving_Committee_Charter_February 2018.pdf
EA_Dressage_Committee_Charter_February 2018.pdf
EA_Endurance_Committee_Charter_February 2018.pdf
EA_Eventing_Committee_Charter_February 2018.pdf
EA_Jumping_Committee_Charter_February 2018.pdf
EA_Show_Horse_Committee_Charter_February 2018.pdf
EA_Vaulting_Committee_Charter_February 2018.pdf

Disciplinary Policies

Equestrian Australia Disciplinary by laws.pdf
EA Disciplinary tribunal procedure and protocol.pdf
Equestrian Australia Appeal bylaws.pdf

Doping/Medical policies

Judicial Decisions & Sanctions

EA_Anti-Doping_Policy.pdf (updated 1 January 2015)
EA_Medication_Control_Policy_2018.pdf  (updated 1 January 2018)
EA_Hot_Weather Policy.pdf  (updated 01 September 2017) No amendments have been made to the horse-related information, although, after consultation with the FEI and AIS, we have now included a new section pertaining to our human athletes.
 EA Veterinary Regulations - Administration of Altrenogest.pdf

Discipline Rules & Regulations

For the Discipline Rules & Regulations, the FEI Code of Conduct for the Welfare of the Horse, Stallion Guidelines, Approved Safety Standards for Helmets,... Click HERE.