EA Partners

AISThe AIS is the principal sponsor and partner of Equestrian Australia. The AIS provides Equestrian Australia with funding to ensure they have the capacity to create a sustainable sport through best practice governance and administration, intellectual property ownership, athlete management and support structures and general accountabilities.  Importantly, the winning partnership highlights the commitment to ensuring Australian athletes excel in the international sporting arena, and increasing Australians’ participation in equestrian. www.ausport.gov.au

The ASC is recognised as a world leader in the development of high performance sport and sports participation. Services are provided in a range of fields including high performance coaching, sport sciences, sports management, education and resources, participation development and funding of national sporting organisation programs.The ASC is Australia’s primary national sports administration and advisory agency, and the cornerstone of a wide-ranging sports system. On behalf of the Australian Government, the ASC plays a central leadership role in the development and operation of the Australian sports system, administering and funding innovative sport programs and providing leadership, coordination and support for the sport sector. www.ausport.gov.au  

The AOC is committed to Australia's athletes and encourages the development of high performance sport through athlete support and funding initiatives. Their role also extends to spreading the Olympic spirit and ideals throughout the wider community, even in the years between Olympic Games. It is the AOC's responsibility to select, send and fund Australian Teams to the Olympic Summer and Winter Games. www.olympics.com.au


Australian Paralympic Committee

The Australian Paralympic Committee (APC) helps Australians with disabilities participate in sport and compete at the Paralympic Games through partnerships with governments, business, sporting bodies and the community. The APC is responsible for preparing the Australian Paralympic Summer and Winter Teams for the Paralympic Games, which they have done successfully since 1990. The APC works with Equestrian Australia to help identify potential Paralympians and assist athletes to prepare for competition by providing funding for coaching, equipment and travel in the lead up to the Summer Paralympic Games. The APC believe participation in sport provides positive social and physical benefits to people with disabilities, and plays an important role in changing community perceptions of people with disabilities. www.paralympics.org.au 

The Australian Sports Foundation (ASF) is a fundraising partner of Equestrian Australia. The ASF works with the Australian sporting community to raise funds for Australian sport through its Fundraising4Sport program and provides small grants to community and grassroots sporting organisations to grow participation in sport through the Giving4Grassroots fund. The ASF is supported by the Australian Sports Commission and is located on the Australian Institute of Sport campus in Canberra. The ASF is a non-profit company limited by guarantee and has an independent Board of Directors and a team of staff who are passionate about sport and dedicated to helping community and sporting organisations throughout Australia. www.asf.org.au/

 Ariat Australia joined the EA Sponsor stable in 2014 and are the official apparel sponsor for the Australian Equestrian Team. Ariat manufacture boots and apparell for both Western and English discipline and will be outfitting the 130 strong Australian team at the 2014 World Equestrian Games in Normandy. Ariat was founded to create the most advanced performance footwear and apparel for the world's top equestrian athletes. Today, Ariat is the leading performance equestrian brand in the world and provides the foundation upon which world-class athletes work, ride and compete. www.ariat.com.au/


IRT is the most trusted International horse transport company in the world. They have been transporting livestock around the globe since 1972 and have steadily built our broad, but intimate global network ever since. Today IRT is called upon to move all sorts of horses, to every corner of the globe... from competition and racing horses, to rare, special breeds and family pets. On average IRT has at least one horse in transit, for every hour of the day! With offices in Australia, New Zealand, the UK , Germany and USA, IRT's International coverage means that our professional and experienced staff can better facilitate your shipment all around the world - through day or night. www.irt.com 

Right across the Australian sports industry, Gow-Gates is a leader in providing risk mitigation and transfer solutions to businesses, organisations and individuals. With clients in all sectors, including professional sports teams, sports clubs, athletes, coaches, agents, sponsors, venues and sporting goods retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers, we offer you in-depth knowledge and insight into insurance and risk management. EA and Gow-Gates remain committed to providing the equestrian community with a first class Sports Insurance Programme, whilst maintaining the affordability of registration. Gow Gates can also provide a range of additional products including horse insurance and farm insurance. www.gowgatessport.com.au/equestrian