Team support staff

Chris Webb – High-Performance Director (part-time)

Chris Webb oversees the entire program as High-Performancee Director. This includes management of the overall Eventing and Para Equestrian whilst collaborating with relevant stakeholders of the disciplines of Jumping, Dressage, Carriage Driving, Endurance, Reining and Vaulting.

Mike Etherington-Smith - High Performance Advisor (part-time)

Mike Etherington-Smith oversees the planning and preparation of the “Tokyo Success” Eventing combinations based in the UK and the US.

Etherington-Smith is recognised as one of the most respected cross-country course designers and Equestrian administrators in the world.  With a wealth of experience and exposure to the highest level, all stakeholders will benefit from his insight and leadership.

Gina Haddad  - High Performance Consultant (part-time)

Gina Haddad manages the delivery of the development plans for Equestrian. This includes the development of currently identified future high-performance Eventing athletes and coaches within the context of EA’s new Coaching Framework as well as the connection and integration of the State branches and the SIS/SAS network.

A former Equestrian athlete, coach and now a University lecturer in elite sports coaching and related studies Mrs Haddad is well equipped to lead the future of equestrian high performance sport.