What is MyEA?

 MyEA is Equestrian Australia’s online registration portal for members. Through MyEA members can complete registrations, manage their details, view results and more.

I thought EA already had an online portal for members, what is the difference between EAOnline and MyEA?

EAOnline was a temporary solution that was put in place while MyEA was being developed. MyEA is a superior product to EAOnline and consolidates all the important functions that members need to access.  MyEA will continue to evolve to offer even more services to members.

How do I access MyEA?

MyEA is exclusive to EA members; all you need is your EA member number and password. To access the portal simply visit the page

What if I have forgotten my user name or password?

You can reset your password through the log-in page available at If you have forgotten your member number you will need to contact your State Branch.

What if I am a new member, how do I gain access to MyEA?

Before you can gain access to MyEA you will need to become a member of your State Branch. Becoming a member is easy and can be completed online. Visit and follow the instructions for new members.

We can already renew online, what else will we be able to do?

In the future MyEA and Nominate’s Event Entry System will be fully integrated which will provide you with a seamless Membership and Event Entries system. This event registration system will provide many benefits for Organising Committees and members including:

  • Directly linking to the EA membership portal to provide easy verification of membership details (including membership number, currency and past results) and horse registrations and qualifications
  • The ability to automatically post results to the EA and State Branch websites.

Future benefits include allowing Officials to enter an upcoming Seminar for promotion or maintenance of their qualification. Members embarking on the Coach pathway will have the ability to register their interest and purchase some of the Education resources via the member portal.

How will this help EA?

The platform supports all the strategic priorities of Equestrian Australia that were established by representatives of all disciplines, State Branches and the national office.

In addition it has the potential to significantly reduce the current workload placed on equestrian sport’s volunteers (Organising Committees) and members.  The automated system will provide greater efficiencies that will benefit the whole sport.

How will this help members?

MyEA will provide greater efficiencies in the way people join and renew their membership. Members will be able to complete registrations and manage and update their details anywhere, anytime. The entire system is designed to improve your interactions with both EA and the State Branches through faster response times via self-service.

Future enhancements such as a fully integrated event registration system will benefit members involved in event management and club management and this will reduce their administrative burdens significantly, freeing up time to do other things they enjoy within the sport.

Is EA investing all its money into this system?  Will this see an increase in membership fees?

EA has entered a contractual arrangement with Nominate which capped financial contributions towards development of the system and ensures a revenue sharing arrangement that will see money returned to the sport by EA and the States. 

There will be no increases in membership fees directly due to MyEA. Membership fees are set by the State and fee structures vary State to State, however this system will not directly force those prices up.

Isn’t it true this is just a money making exercise for EA?

No, the primary reason for investing in the EA IT Platform is for increased member services and organisational efficiencies.  Any revenue generated for EA under the agreement with Nominate will be going back into the sport and its programs.

Will there be further fees and charges added because of the new system?

Nominate charges a service fee for membership renewal transactions – as has been the practice for the last three years.  This covers merchant fees, support and system development. The revenue sharing arrangement with Nominate will see funds generated by MyEA returned to our sport and its programs.

Is the event registration system compulsory?

No.  In most cases, it will be at the discretion of the event organisers as to which system provider they use. However, EA will be looking to make it a condition for those events currently receiving funding, under various EA grants to use the system once it becomes fully functional. State Branches may also have requirements around the system from an event management point of view.

EA believes that the integration of MyEA and Nominate will provide operational efficiencies for Event Organisers and for members and will reduce overheads and provide significant value for money for everyone.

Event organisers need to be conscious of the fact that using the Nominate event entry system will benefit our sport in the long run.

What sort of support will be available?

Comprehensive support will be offered at multiple levels, from online support to dedicated personnel support via EA, the States and Nominate.

Is the MyEA Platform secure?

The MyEA platform is completely secure and provides the highest level of personal and financial security.

As per EA’s privacy policy, no personal membership data will be provided to external or other third parties, with all membership data remaining within EA’s secure network.  This includes sponsors and other business providers within the equestrian community.

Who owns the system?

The IP of the system is owned by Nominate as it has contributed substantial financial resources and personnel to its development. The platform will be maintained by Nominate but the content and data is owned and managed by EA along with the State Branches.

If you would like further information or have any questions you’d like to ask email Equestrian Australia on [email protected]