Cathryn Herbert

What age did you start riding and how did you get into riding?
My dad has been a horseman all his life and he had me on a horse from a very early age. I grew up riding out on bush tracks with him, he would be training his race horses and I would be racing him on my feisty ponies. 

First pony/horse name/details
I was fortunate to have many great ponies as I was growing up. The ponies that shaped my riding the most were Lady Bird and Magnum. Lady was a fiery roan pony with a baldy white face and a blue eye and on her I developed my love for going fast. Magnum was a little grey pony who was so genuine and would have a go at anything. With those two ponies I developed a huge interest in mounted games and won many bending, barrels and sporting competitions. 

If you attended Pony Club, which one?
I started Pony Club at Bindoon Range when I was on the lead line. Then at 10 we moved areas and I ended up at the Murray Horse and Pony Club where I have many great memories of learning, friends and competing. I had a brief stint at the Kalgoorlie Districts Pony Club which was a wonderful club to be part of. 

What made you want to pursue Eventing?
Through Pony Club I was always interested in Eventing, mainly the cross country phase. At about 16 my parents bought me Femme de Renaissance (Giselle), at the time she was a 5yo who had never jumped. With Giselle we had many set backs but together we learnt eventing and gradually got the hang of the dressage phase to eventually go around the 5* at Adelaide in 2023 before she retired. She gave me the love of eventing and the desire to pursue the sport full time. 

Assistance along the way from EA Coach/es? 
In WA I had a wonderful coach in Ann Taylor who helped me hugely in my journey. Ann then put me in contact with Heath Ryan who I then spent 5 years training with in Heatherbrae, NSW. There I learnt so much as a rider and a horseperson. It was an unforgettable experience. 

Do you have a role model or anyone you particularly admire?
I love that in our sport men and women compete against each other on a level playing field. I really admire the women at the top levels such as Ros Canter, Piggy March and Jonelle Price just to name a few.  

Name some of your greatest competitive achievements.
At the end of 2022 Wimborne Constable and I won the Wallaby Hill CCI4*. From that achievement we were then selected on the 2023 Oceania team. Unfortunately the competition was cancelled but it was still an honour to be selected. 

Short term and long term future goals? 
Short term I hope to post a good score at the Sydney 3 day event in November at the end of the year. Constable and I will be aiming for a MER to qualify us for a 5* appearance at Adelaide in 2024. Long term I hope to make it on to an Australian team and perform at the highest level.

Most recent notable results (date/event/placing). 

1st Sydney Eventing 4* September 2023
3rd Adelaide International 4* April 2023
1st Wallaby Hill 4* December 2022