EA National Passport Document Q&A

Why is this process being brought in - as of 1st January 2017?

This process is being introduced internationally to improve horse identification and traceability at events, during international travel and throughout a horses’ career. It is very important that the document is completed correctly as it needs to be uploaded to the FEI who will use this information as part of their review process to allow the horse to be able to compete.

Does my horse need to have an EA National Passport?

If the horse is renewing their FEI registration (i.e. has been registered on the FEI database before – regardless of year or country), or has been imported and has a different nationality nation passport, then they DO NOT need to have an EA National Passport (if FEI registered prior to 2017). If the horse is being registered for the first time (i.e. has never been entered on the FEI database before) then the horse WILL need an EA National Passport. 

How much does the EA National Passport Cost?

The new National Passports cost $200 and have a lifetime validity. Further information can be found HERE.

I compete in Reining/Endurance, is this relevant to me?

Any reining or endurance horse that has not been FEI registered previously prior to 2017 will need to purchase an EA National Passport. These horses which have previously not required registration are now to obtain EA Registration which is available through the State Branch.

My horse is imported, but hasn’t been FEI Registered before, does this include me?

If the horse holds another nationality passport (KWPN, German Hannover document etc) then the horse will not have to be identified by the EA National Document, though the KWPN, Hannover Passport will need to be sent in at time of FEI registration for uploading of imported national document.

My horse is competing in a CSI1*-W, what does it need to compete?

If the horse has not been FEI registered before, the owner can choose between :

An EA National Passport & FEI recognition card + FEI registration

An FEI Passport + FEI registration

Costs can be found on the FEI Passport Order Form that you can access HERE.