Equestrian Australia Equine Anti-Doping Decisions

Updated 16 August 2022

Please be advised that details of Equine Anti-Doping decisions will now be published on this page. 

Event, Location & Date


Person Responsible

Substance(s)/other violation

Date of Sanction 

VIC Interschool Championships Yoicks Tupelo Honey Tess Goodwin Controlled Medication Substance: Phenylbutasone and Oxyphenutzone 29 June 2022
VIC Interschool Championships Friday Street Anne Altmann Controlled Medication Substance: Phenylbutasone and Oxyphenutzone 14 June 2022
TAS Dressage Championships Evenfall Regozero Kylie Hall Controlled Medication Substance: Metformin 16 May 2022
TAS Dressage Championships Rhiannon R Tammy Cunningham Controlled Medication Substance: Clenbuterol 3 May 2022
QLD Show Horse Summer Hack Show Argyl Imprint Isabella Cross Controlled Medication Substance: Acepromazine2-(1-hydroxyethyl) and Promazine Sulphoxide Meloxicam   6 April 2022
Grand Prix 105 Class - 2021 Horseland Young Horse Championships Sentosa Flyer Tracey Burges Controlled Medication Substance: Phenylbutazone and Oxyphenbutazone 14 Feb 2022
Pony Dressage Championships QLD 2021 The Dancing Diva  Georgia Calvert Controlled Medication Substance: Firocoxib 20 Dec 2021