Information for Riders Competing overseas

Information for Riders Competing overseas in National and FEI Competitions

If you are thinking of competing overseas in either National or FEI level competition you are required to have the following:

  • International Competitors Licence
  • Current EA Membership
  • FEI Registration for horse and rider (if competing in FEI events)
  • FEI Passport for your horse (if competing in higher FEI level events)

If you are competing in FEI events overseas then you need to inform Equestrian Australia (EA) so your entry can be endorsed by EA and entered into the FEI Entry System.

In order for your entry to be made in the FEI Entry System you and your horse will need to have a current FEI registration and your horse a current FEI Passport (if applicable).

Please note that even though Equestrian Australia makes your entry into the FEI Entry System you are still required to contact the OC directly to book your stabling and pay for your entries. Equestrian Australia only endorses your entry to compete.

To request an entry for an FEI event outside of Australia please allow 4-weeks before the entry needs to be made and contact the following people:

To complete all   required registrations and licenses please see below:

International Competitors License

An International license is required for EA members planning to compete overseas at international events. You will need to be a current EA member to obtain this license.

Please allow a minimum of 3 weeks when ordering for processing time.

International Competitors Licence Application Form

Any questions to be sent to [email protected] 

Information for Riders Competing at FEI Level


FEI Registration for Horse and Rider

Registration is required for all riders and horses competing at FEI level competition. The registration is based on the calendar year and needs to be renewed in January each year. EA membership is required for all Australian riders competing at FEI level whether in Australia or overseas.

FEI Passport & Recognition Cards

FEI Passports or Recognition cards are required for the following levels of competition:

Dressage CDI-W, CDI3* and above 
Para-Dressage CPEDI3* and above
Eventing CCI4* S/L and CCI5* L
Jumping CSI-W, CSI3* and above
Endurance CEI3* and above
Vaulting CVI3* and above
Driving CAI3* and above
Reining CRI3* and above

If your horse has a current EA National Identification Document (White booklet) or an Overseas National Passport then you will need a recognition card. A passport is required if you do not have a white ID document or overseas booklet.



Should you have any queries relating to fees associated for horse name changes for FEI Passports/Recognition Cards please consult the FEI website for more information HERE.