Lucie Aldridge

  • First name: Lucie
  • Surname: Aldridge
  • Age at 2019 Larsens Showjumping Championships: 18

When did you start riding?

I had ridden a little bit in England but mostly started riding when we moved to Australia, so around 8 years old.

Which riders inspire you?

My coach, Colleen Brook. Her ability, experience and knowledge is something I really look up to.

What is your proudest moment/greatest achievement?

When I bought Ollie 3 years ago he was only 6 and wasn’t very experienced, at the time I had also only jumped around a few 115cm’s myself. Creating a solid partnership with Ollie has to be my proudest achievement, this is particularly relevant to the success I’ve been able to have with him. In only a short time we have been able to place third overall at back to back Australian Championships, whilst also being lucky enough to move up to jumping some more solid young rider tracks in the last year. The fact that neither Ollie or myself had competed at these levels before we came together; it is easy to say that would have to be my greatest achievement. 

How do you feel about being selected for the Australian Young Rider Team?

I was so excited to be selected. Riding in New Zealand for Australia will just be so amazing and the other team members are all so nice and extremely talented, we’ll have a great time.

What are you most looking forward to about competing in New Zealand?

I’m excited to meet the other team and I’m really looking forward to the challenge of us all competing on horses we’ve never ridden. It will be such a good experience and a great opportunity.

What are your future ambitions?

Just to keep riding and jumping and see how far I go.

Hobbies outside horses?

I love drawing and all things art, but to be honest I don’t really do much else apart from horses