Equestrian Australia are responsible for managing National Classification, allowing athletes to participate in Para-Equestrian competitions. We work closely with Paralympics Australia (PA) and the Federation Equestre Internationale (FEI) to ensure the classification system is compliant with their wider rules and regulations. 

National Classification is made possible by a group of volunteers who form our National Classification Panel. They are fully qualified doctors and/or physiotherapists who have been trained in Para-Equestrian Classification


The classification system is designed to allow riders to compete on equal terms against each other in Para-Dressage. Athletes are classified according to their disability across a range of five grades, which determine the complexity of the movements that they perform with their horses. 

There are five classification grades - Grade 1 is for athletes whose impairment has the greatest impact on their ability to ride, while Grade 5 is for athletes whose impairment has the least impact on their ability to ride

To start competing in Para-Equestrian Competitions, you will need to be classified to determine which grade you can compete in. In order to be classified, you must be medically diagnosed as having a permanent, physical impairment that can be measured objectively by a physiotherapist/doctor trained in the Para-Equestrian Classification System. 


In order to process your application, you will need to complete the below form and send back to Equestrian Australia Para-Equestrian Operations Coordinator, Michelle Battams ([email protected])

 EA Classification Forms


 Paralympics Australia manage the National Classification Program for Vision Impairment. If you have a vision impairment (VI) and would like to start the process of getting a VI classification, you need to contact Paralympics Australia and go through their classification process. Once you have received confirmation of your classification from Paralympics Australia, Equestrian Australia will add you to the Classification Master List

 VI Classification Form



For any further information, contact EA's Para-Equestrian Operations Coordinator Michelle Battams at [email protected]