Where can I find a Coach Educator?

A Skills Specific Trainer/Assessor (SSTA) or a Coach Educator (CE), are EA Accredited Coaches who have undergone extra study to hold qualifications that allow them to mark off your assessment items.

SSTA's can sign off Introductory Horse Management and Introductory Riding modules only.

CE's can sign off all other modules as long as they specialise in equivalent disciplines. (For Level 2 Assessments, please see this document for more information on CE qualifications.)

You can use our Coach Search (link below) to find one in your area.

EA Coach Search 

Simply go to the Coach Search page (via the above link) and select 'Skills Specific Trainer/Assessor' or 'Coach Educator' on the 'Coach Type' column (see below screenshot example):

If you are having trouble finding a Coach Educator in your area, please see this FAQ: I live remotely and can't access a CE, what can I do?