Australia wins Senior Trans Tasman Eventing competition 

Photograph:John Lechner

Applications are currently being sought from Australian-based combinations qualified at CCI3* or above to compete against New Zealand at Sydney International Equestrian Centre from 22nd - 29th April 2013. A team of 4 riders and horses plus 2 reserves will be selected for this competition.

Applications are to be submitted the Eventing National Performance Director Prue Barrett ([email protected]) in writing by 5pm Tuesday 29th January. It is not necessary to provide a detailed application, but simply an email naming the rider and horse/s that is to be considered. 

Once the list of applicants has been finalised, the National Eventing Selectors will then declare a long list of potential team members on the 1st February 2013.

 A requirement for selection on the Trans-Tasman 2013 long list is:-

a.     Attendance at the Eventing National Camp at Wallaby Hill on 16 – 18 February 2013

b.     Submitted 2013 individual training and competition plan to NPD during National Camp

c.     Competing at the Albury CIC3* on 6th – 7th April 2013

d.    Veterinary examinations including a post Competition (Albury CIC3* on 6th – 7th April 2013) Veterinary Examination

Exemptions from participation in the Eventing National Camp at Wallaby Hill on 16 – 18 February 2013 may be sought in writing from the NPD.

Following the Albury CIC3* 6-7th April 2013, the National Eventing Selectors will announce an unranked Trans-Tasman Squad of 6 rider/horse combinations on 10th April. This squad will include 4 team member combinations and 2 reserve combinations. The 2 reserve combinations will not be ranked and either or both combinations may be required to replace a selected team member(s). This decision will be at the discretion of the NPD in consultation with the National Selectors. Also, a further unranked reserve list will also be announced at this time. Selectors may call any combination(s) from this reserve list into the Trans-Tasman Squad if any of the Trans-Tasman Squad combinations became unavailable.

Trans-Tasman Squad members will be required to attend the Trans-Tasman pre-competition team camp and the competition at SIEC from Monday 22nd April until Monday 29th April 2013.

The 2 Trans-Tasman Squad reserves not selected to compete as part of the Trans-Tasman Team, may still compete as individuals in the event.

All Trans-Tasman Squad riders will receive the following support:-

·         Event entry and stabling for the duration of the camp and competition

·         Financial travel assistance to and from the event as per the HP competition funding table (to be provided at the National Camp)



2013 Trans-Tasman

·         Twin share hotel Team accommodation for the duration of pre-competition camp and competition

·         Team Uniform

·         Meals for the duration of pre-competition camp and competition.


Horse Owners (2 per horse) of Trans-Tasman Squad members will receive the following:-

·         Event VIP entry passes

·         Team Uniform


Grooms of the Trans-Tasman Squads will receive the following:-

·         Team Uniform

·         Twin share accommodation at SIEC

·         All meals for the duration of pre-competition camp and competition.


All enquiries in regard to the Australian Trans-Tasman Team should be directed to Prue Barrett (0418 621 711) and for further information on the Trans-Tasman Competition, these enquiries should be directed to Michelle Battams in the National Office on 02 8762 7777.