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Posted by Shelley Tilbrook on 28/09/2022.

CEO Update: September

September has been another busy month for equestrian, culminating with the pinnacle event, the FEI World championships in Pratoni. In another outstanding performance, we saw Boyd Exell and his team, achieve a sixth consecutive world championship title in Driving, to take individual gold. Our Eventing team, with a mix of experience and debutants, achieved a top ten finish in an admirable performance and we are both proud and exicted by the emerging talent coming through at this highly contested benchmark event.

Back home, subsequent to sharing our strategy last month, the teams have been developing their operating plans and strategic initiatives to align with the overarching strategy. We will continue to communicate the key themes, purpose, vision and mission underpinning this strategy, so they become embeded across the industry to align all teams and organisations.

We have made significant progress with our sport integrity and in particular the child safeguarding, with the support of Sport Integrity Australia (SIA). The philosophy 'see something, say something' places the responsibility on all members to help protect young people in the sport and we will continue to conduct education and awareness to support the changes. Nationally, we have taken responsibility for managing complaints to streamline the process for members, increase transparency and consistency and relieve our state branches.

In another milestone, we released the EA National Health, Safety, Welfare Policy and the EA National Horse Health, Safety, Welfare Policy, which positions us as a leader on this topic. I congratulate all those who have contributed to developing these policies and honouring our commitment to improving the health, safety and welfare  of our sport for both participants and horses.

I was fortunate to visit our National Interschools Championships this week in NSW and was delighted to see the energy, enthusiasm and talent that indicates a very bright future for our sport. The team unity was evident and we hope experiences like this strengthen the enjoyment for young people, to embed a life-long passion for equestrian.

Finally I wanted to touch on the progress we are making on driving cultural change within our organisation and across the industry. Much work has been done to collaborate and develop a unified set of values that underpin the strategy. Teamwork, Integrity, Inclusion and Excellence will become part of the DNA for behaviours and how we operate and work together.

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Darren Gocher
CEO, Equestrian Australia

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