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Posted by Christine Armishaw on 08/12/2021.

Coaching Committee Membership Updates

With a selection of Equestrian Australia Coaching Committee (EACC) representatives set to conclude their terms on 31 December 2021, nominations were called for in November from the State Branch CEOs.

Equestrian Australia is pleased to announce that the current State representatives - Philippa Collier (WA), Tim Calkin (VIC), Trudy Dougall (QLD) and Sally Ann Barbera (NSW) - have been renominated to the EACC for a second two-year term.

The EACC said goodbye to Megan Joerg, the ENSW Second Delegate, in November 2021 and sincerely thanks Megan for her tireless contribution to EA Coaching.

The EACC welcomes Caroline Hooper (NSW), who has been appointed Second Delegate from 1 Jan 2022.

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