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Posted by Equestrian Australia on 29/10/2013.

EA Chairman reappointed for second year

Equestrian Australia (EA) Chairman Dr Warwick Vale has secured a second year in the position with Directors reappointing him Chairman at the first Board meeting following the 2013 AGM.

In accordance with the constitution, the first meeting of the Board following the AGM allows the Directors to vote on the positions of Chair, Deputy Chair as well as the sub committees.

Dr Vale was delighted to be reappointed to the role unopposed and equally pleased to have Nick Crowe reappointed as Deputy Chairman.

“I was very honoured to be voted in again as Chairman and to have Nick’s continued support as Deputy Chairman.

“We have a great mix of experience on the Board and the stability we have been able to create amongst our leadership team, both at a Board level and with our CEO, will allow us to continue to pursue the goals we have laid out for the sport.

“Last weekend we presented the 2012-2013 Annual Report which presented the strong progress that has been made across many areas of the sport.  We also outlined the areas that still require our attention and the ambitious objectives we have for the future,” he said.

The Equestrian Australia Board makeup:

Dr Warwick Vale         Chairman (1st term: to 2015 AGM)
Nick Crowe Deputy Chairman (1st term: to 2015 AGM)
Mark Arthur   (1st term: to 2014 AGM)
Liza Carver         (1st term: to 2015 AGM)
Melissa Cannon   (2nd term: to 2016 AGM)
Des Hughes   (1st term: to 2014 AGM)
Wendy Hunt   (2nd term: to 2016 AGM)
Gill Rolton    Athlete Director (1st term: to 2014 AGM)

EA Board Subcommittees*

Finance, Audit & Risk Committee

Mark Arthur

Melissa Cannon

Warwick Vale

Remuneration Committee

Mark Arthur

Liza Carver

Warwick Vale

ICDF Committee

Des Hughes

Wendy Hunt

Gill Rolton

Warwick Vale

*Please note there are other informal committees that operate within the EA Board

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