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Posted by National Admin on 04/06/2019.
A compliant helmet tagged with a new EA yellow helmet tag

Melbourne 3DE Starts Ball Rolling with Helmet Tagging

Helmet tagging is set to begin. The first tagging location will be at the 2019 Melbourne International Three Day Event. 

Helmet tagging is available in the trade village, for competitors and visitors alike. Helmets are inspected for compliance with minimum standards required by Annex N in the EA Eventing Rules and, if compliant, tagged with a yellow EA tag. 

2020 Update: Please note that the 2020 EA Eventing Rules are now on the website HERE which show the minimum compliance standards required in Annex N. 

Tagging personnel have been nominated in most states and the program will begin in earnest in July.

Some early helmet tagging dates across the States are:

  • Victoria - Melbourne 3DE, July Squad days and Mildura Horse trials
  • Tasmania - STEA AGM/training day/tagging day, 3rd August 
  • Western Australia - Murray CNC (subject to tag availability) and Dryandra CNC
  • New South Wales - Quirindi
  • Queensland – Fig Tree Pocket 6/7 July; Squad School on the 13/14th July; Tamborine 26-28 July
  • South Australia - Monarto 17-18 August

This system has been successfully implemented by Equestrian Sports New Zealand & British Eventing and is a proactive measure taken by EA to ensure that helmets worn by riders comply with the relevant approved safety standards.

Remember, the EA tag does not verify that the helmet is safe or in working order. It only verifies that the helmet complies with the specific standards as mandated by the EA Eventing Rules.

Riders are strongly encouraged to check their helmet regularly (even if it is tagged). Riders must immediately replace their helmets if they have been damaged or impacted in a fall.

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