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Posted by Melanie Fedrick on 25/08/2014.

WEG Vaulting Team trains in Holland

Fassifern Vaulting Team Training in Holland

Melanie Fedrick has sent Equestrian Australia an update on our World Equestrian Games Vaulting team with some interesting information on their international training and travel.

'We arrived in Paris fine, though with a 3 hour delay leaving Dubai, which meant we did not get into Paris until 11pm. One taxi was there waiting, and he rang the company and got the second taxi I had booked.  Only about 25min to the hotel and check in was quick, but still after 1am before we got to bed.

Next day was Paris – so much to see and no chance of seeing even a fraction of it in a day.  It did not help that the wait to get in anywhere was often over 1 hour – so we didn’t even try most places. Fortunately Anna, Lucy, Jean Carlee and I managed to get into the Notre Dame.

Then on the Saturday we went to Disney world with Meta (lunger) and her family. I spent most of the day with Meta and her husband and the kids went off with Meta’s kids, so all had a good time, the kids went on the scary rides and I went on the little kids rides. Meta told us we had to stay for the closing show which started at 11pm! It was amazing and well worth the late night and the hour sitting on the ground waiting and guarding our spot.

Our travel to Odiliapeel went fine as Meta took all over big bags. Train to centre of Paris, bus to Brussels, train to Roosendaal, bus to Tilburg as there was maintenance work on the train line, then train to Eindhoven, except we had to get off early as there had been an accident on the train line. Meta and her father came and picked us up, so all was good.

In Odiliapeel, we are staying on the second floor of Meta’s parent’s house, we have 3 big rooms that we have spread ourselves in. Showers and toilets in the stable block which is 10m from the house. Washing machine in the house that we can use and a big tent to hang the washing in when it rains – which it does most days.

All our meals are in the ‘club house’ which is upstairs in the stable building, small kitchen, bar with an amazing coffee machine and a dining room. Meta’s parent’s organize all the meals for us, and I try to help with preparations and shopping while the vaulter’s wash up.

I went to Ermelo for a horse show with Meta’s mum on Friday and on Sunday the kids went swimming in Eindhoven.

The schedule from Monday to Friday is; Breakfast at 8am, 30min run at 8:30am, training on barrel and team run until approximately 11:30am, lunch at 12:30pm, horse training from 2pm until approximately 5pm, (using two horses every day – often different horses). Dinner is at 6pm then bed pretty soon after that for most of them'.

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