EA takes safety and risk management very seriously. The changes from guidelines to rules have not been implemented because of any recent incidents involving Stallions, but rather to safeguard all those attending and involved in any EA event in the future.

1) Can you please confirm when these rules supersede the current guidelines?

Answer: Rules come into effect on the 1st July 2018.

2) Could you please confirm whether the new bridle number holder must be used on ALL bridles, or whether this is only needed for events/classes that require the exhibit to display numbers?

Answer: All stallions competing in EA sanctioned events must now wear compulsory green identification on either side of the horses halter, bridle, breastplate, martingale or saddle cloth. This can be either the compliant bridle number holders or halter/ saddle discs. For competition purposes, discs are suitable to use as appropriate identification if numbers aren’t required.

Below are all the options authorised

Bridle Number Holder with numbering

Halter Disc with Velcro holder

Green Disk OR Saddle Number Holder 


Photo below credit Flash Pony - Horse: Kenlock Invincible from Kenlock Park Stud

3) On the green Stallion Identification Card printouts it has a section for the stallion's EA or FEI ID number, does my stallion need to be registered with EA to compete at events?

Answer: Sport rules vary based on the level of competition that you and your horse are competing at and as such, it is not always the case that registration is required. However, EA would always recommend the stallion identification card be displayed with as much information as possible. Please CLICK HERE to see if your horse requires an EA registration number: 

4) Can you please confirm whether stallions that only compete in Jumping have to wear the Bridle Number Holders, or can they use the halter discs on their bridles instead? 

AnswerFor competition purposes, both halter discs and clearly visible saddle cloth discs are deemed suitable to use as the appropriate form of identification if numbers aren’t required.

5) Do I have the option to display my bridle number on my saddle blanket like mare’s and geldings may do?

AnswerYes. Green stallion identification must be on either side of the horses head or saddle cloth.

6) My stallion competes in pony dressage and I am concerned that the green identification bridle number will be too big for my horses head.

AnswerGreen stallion identification must be on either side of the horses head or saddle cloth. For competition purposes, discs are suitable to use as the appropriate identification.

8) What is the justification for not allowing bridle numbers on martingales or breastplates?

AnswerEA is continually focussed on improving member safety and horse welfare. Improving stallion visibility will help protect the well-being of the stallion and those around them. The introduction of these rules takes out any ambiguity there may have been from the guidelines and ensures stallions can be easily noticeable.

9) I have only ever ridden geldings or mares and as such, can you please explain what the green discs on a stallion are for?

Answer: The introduction of this rule is to improve stallion visibility. It’s of vital importance that we work with our community to ensure the safety of all involved.

10) Many people don’t know what the green discs are for. What is EA going to do to about this?

Answer: With the introduction of the new identification rules, EA will promote awareness through direct communication with members, online education and communication at individual events throughout Australia. 

11) Is it compulsory to purchase the EA branded number holders? 

Answer: No, members can choose to source their own. However, members need to ensure they are compliant, as stipulated in the policy available HERE. In order to be compliant, they must have a visible number window of at least 7cm wide and 4cm high, which is surrounded by a bright, fluoro green colour of a minimum 1cm thickness, and are safely and securely held on to the bridle or the saddle cloth.