Are there options for remote coaching?

Remote Coaching is an option for EA coaches. This allows you to coach clients from home using a simple group video call and your phone/computer. The Equestrian Australia High Performance team tested this last year (2019) with positive feedback and some riders are already using it as part of their training programs. To see it in action, Shane Rose explains it in this video (thanks Shane).

The resources below explain how it works. As always, a complete risk assessment is required as per all coaching sessions. As part of this, you will need to consider how first aid can be applied eg. do you ensure you have an emergency contact person on site who is trained in first aid? etc. Due to the current situation with COVID-19, remote coaching options should be considered understanding that medical response times may be impacted. 

Please use this for remote coaching information  Remote Coaching.pdf

Please use this for a detailed 'how to' for remote coaching  Remote coaching Apps.pdf

This is not an exhaustive list of electronic tools that can be used.  There are others (such as Zoom) but the documents above provide a great place to start.