Assessment guidelines

Candidate information:

  • Read and understand each activity carefully before attempting.
  • You are advised to research, practice and discuss all parts of each activity with your EA Coach Educator, prior to attempting an assessment.


  • The candidate must satisfactorily complete all assessment activities.
  • EA Coach Educator will advise the candidate of a result at the completion of the activity.
  • All activities should be completed in a competent and efficient manner, demonstrating a comprehensive acquisition of skills and knowledge.
  • With adequate preparation all candidates should be aiming for a 100% satisfactory pass on their first attempt.
  • Candidates who are found Not Yet Competent for an Activity (or part thereof) may repeat those parts of the Activity to be assessed for competence. Should a candidate not be found competent on all 6 of the Assessment Slip templates provided in the assessment book they should be referred to the National Office for follow up.
  • Post-Task Assessments may be performed directly after the initial assessment, or at a time negotiated with the Coach Educator.
  • Further assessment requirements are fully stipulated within the Activity description.